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Ecosmob Technologies Announced To Offer Payment Processing IVRS Development

Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer Payment Processing IVR Solution development services. This solution is one of the best fit solutions to support cashless digital transactions.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, December 21, 2016 /India PRwire/ -- Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading IT Company from India. The company has been offering custom solutions to its global clients for many years. One of the offered solutions from the company is an Interactive Voice Response System. Recently, the representative of the company has announced to offer a Payment Processing IVR solution with custom features.

"As we all know the recent move of our honorable PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, is to support and encourage digital transactions. This is a great move and as one of responsible business people, we support this move of Mr. Narendra Modi in all possible ways. This announcement is in favor of that move of Mr. Modi. We are introducing and offering one of the tools which can be integrated into the business to support cashless transactions. This is Payment Processing IVR Solution", shared representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

The representative of the company further added that "We cannot overlook a very important fact that India is still not that empowered. We are in the transition phase. We are growing and we are on our way to get completely transformed digitally. There is a very big crowd of the population of India which is not having a Smartphone or internet connection. Thus, the mobile applications or the payment wallets might not be of any use for them. It will take some time to get them on board to use such advanced tools. Here, the payment processing IVR solution can be very useful. It is an Interactive Voice Response System, which can be utilized by dialing a predefined number. Once the call is connected, the user simply needs to interact with the system by selecting the most suitable options using DTMF (keypad) or voice command. It neither requires any specific device such as Smartphone nor a data connection. This Payment Processing IVR solution can be accessed and used by any simple mobile or Smartphone."

The key features of Payment Processing IVR Solution are listed below:

The company will be offering custom development of stated payment processing IVR solution. To know more about this solution and offering of the company, drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com

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