Johnson & Johnson launches OTC Congestion Relief Syrup to treat chest congestion

Heritage brand expands product portfolio, aims to be the "expert with the personal touch" in the cough and cold category

New Delhi, Delhi, July 23, 2012 /India PRwire/ -- Benadryl®, India's No. 1 over-the-counter cough syrup brand, announced the launch of its new Congestion Relief variant today. The new product will be sold under the brand name Benadryl® Congestion Relief and will help expectoration of cough with phlegm or wet cough and relieve chest congestion. With mucolytic and expectorant active ingredients, its unique triple action formula thins, loosens and expels phlegm, allowing consumers to get easy relief through self-medication as per their specific cough symptoms.

Tushar Murdeshwar, Vice President - Marketing, Consumer Division, Johnson & Johnson Ltd. adds, "Benadryl® is an iconic brand with a strong heritage within the Johnson & Johnson portfolio. It presents a tremendous growth opportunity for us. With the new variant, Benadryl® plans to expand its range of specialist solutions to treat all types of cough related ailments with care."

During the course of a year in India, 52% of people suffer from cough, making it one of the most common illnesses. The occurrence of dry cough vs. wet cough have equal incidence and most people are aware of wet and dry cough symptoms. However, there is a general lack of awareness of specific solutions and difference in treatment for these two types of cough. Whilst cough suppressants work on dry cough; a cough with phlegm or wet cough requires a mucolytic and expectorant action for effective relief.

Gautam Suri, General Marketing Manager, Consumer Division, Johnson & Johnson Ltd, states, "With the launch of Benadryl® Congestion Relief, Johnson & Johnson is taking its first step towards building a cough expert equity under 'Benadryl'. Most consumers are aware of the varied cough symptoms but do not know how to treat them. Further innovations planned under the brand for the next couple of years will empower consumers to self-medicate themselves with the right solutions basis their specific cough symptoms."

If not treated in time, chest congestion and the presence of phlegm in the lungs can lead to loss of productive activity hours hence consumers should understand the type of cough they are suffering from and treat it accordingly, in a timely manner so that their condition does not worsen and the consumer can experience much needed relief.

The new product has a non-drowsy formula which is alcohol and sugar free. It will be available across leading national pharmacies in pack sizes of 50 ml and 100 ml.

Notes to Editor

About Benadryl®

Benadryl® Cough Formula enjoys a strong, 50 year old doctor's heritage as well as an extremely positive emotional consumer connect making it India's No. 1 OTC cough syrup brand. It stands out as a safe and effective OTC relief provider in the cough and cold space and aims to make every moment of cure also a moment of care. The brand's philosophy of being an "expert with a personal touch" enables it to help people get the best out of life and not be hindered by a cough and cold.

Currently, Benadryl® Cough Formula offers a quick action cough formula that starts acting on cough and its related symptoms of cold, sore throat within 15 minutes. The product is available nationwide in 50 ml, 150 ml and 450 ml pack sizes.

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