FTTH Technology introduced in Chennai by House of Hiranandani

Fibre optic cable takes India into the future In a country that has a huge developmental potential, the need for better connectivity is one that must be met. In India, fibre optic cables are making their mark and revolutionising connectivity for all demographics of the population. What makes fibre optic cables better than the other options? How are these necessarily better than the communication infrastructure we have in place already? We will try and answer these and more questions in this article.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, January 14, 2015 /India PRwire/ -- The current scenario

India is heavily dependent on copper or other metal wires for data transmission. These wires are known to have their drawbacks but, at the times, they were the best possible solutions to connect remote parts of the country and its people to each other. Fibre optic cables tend to negate the drawbacks that conventional copper cables have. They are able to transmit large volumes of data over greater distances than the metal wires. These cables are also electrical insulators, thereby limiting any potential damage to devices that they are connected to. Fibre optics are also less prone to theft than conventional copper cables as there is a very low potential resale value. In fact, in terms of cost efficiency, they are miles ahead of copper/metal wire.

What is optical fibre?

An optical fibre is a flexible, transparent fibre tube that is either made of plastic or extruded glass. It is just slightly thicker than a single strand of human hair. The main goal of the fibre optic cable is to serve as a conduit for light to pass from one end to another. In the field of communication, this technology has made data transmission almost effortless. There is almost zero data loss, while even damaged optical fibres can continue to transmit data.

Who is bringing this here?

The House of Hiranandani is making great strides in developing modern, smart homes for the citizens. It isn't surprising to learn that they are also pioneering the use of optical fibre cables in development projects. One of their most recent development projects, OMR in Chennai, is the base on which they are expanding. It is taking FTTH (Fibre to the home) to different projects in Mumbai and Bengaluru that they are currently working on. These projects offer potential homeowners with benefits such as a streamlined cabling system, easily manageable wiring, which allow you to move the service from one part of your home to the other easily. It also ensures that there is no breakage and rewiring; therefore, no extra cables enter your home. Even switching between high-speed Internet service providers is a cinch as the optical fibre cables have already been laid out by the developer. The use of fibre optic cable is on the rise. Developers around the world are integrating this technology into homes that they construct to make lives easier for the people who purchase homes. In the digital age, it is imperative that the needs of the consumer are met. Developers like the House of Hiranandani are leading the way, setting an example for the others.

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