BIG HUG collaboration with International Special Needs Institution Trust "By mankind for mankind" see in North America to South America.

On 1st May 2012, getting together in spirit of United as one, we can make the change we want to see. BIG HUG is a not for profit organization works for spreading peace. Together we embrace as a human chain from Alaska to Chile the world and every one of us manifest our intentions for a better tomorrow and every group shows its own work and ideas how to make it happen.



Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, December 4, 2009 /India PRwire/ -- Mr Aquil Samah Masroor Managing Trustee of ISNI Trust has appreciated BIG HUG and get collaboration with Sylvia Klaere founder of BIG HUG, she say's All the members' BIG HUG finds the string desire to make a better life for all of us and our mother planet. Every group is a cell of a new consciousness on Earth. We know, that we have to do something physically, combining all groups in a way the whole world will see and be part of it.

The intention is that we will form a human chain with more or less 30,000,000 persons passing the Americas, North to South, all united in love and respect one to the other, hand in hand manifesting our new world intentions. And she believes the whole world gathering with us because this huge manifestation cannot be ignored.

All together we embrace Gaia and her habitants to give to her and all of us power, peace, happiness and love. Together we co-create our future in mutual respect and acceptance.

Why in Americas? We use the Pan American Highway, because it is the longest ground connection between the opposite poles on Earth that exists. With the BIG HUG our energy flows through the spine of our planet, which seems to be represented by the Andes.

JOIN the BIG HUG ? You are with us ...

...if you are interested in a peaceful humanity.

...if you have a group with likeminded interests and all want to bring in the

collective power of unconditional LOVE..

...if you wish your energy to flow into the human chain. Every person counts.

...if you are interested in helping sponsor this organization with your

time, mind, ingenuity and/or donation.

...if you are interested in volunteering some of your time and skills to this


...if you can use your loving energy to translate our news written in German or English into other languages of the world.

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Notes to Editor

ISNI (International Special Needs Institution. TRUST), which works for the vocational training and employment of the Dis-Abled & Womens.

Women & Disabilities are the last priority in many countries, and are condemned to live their lives as a discriminated lot, whose lives are perceived as having no potential to improve. We at ISNI facilitate programs to improve conditions of such disabled and mistreated women so that they can become productive members of this global society. ISNI has collaborated with National Institute of Rural Development Ministry of Rural Development, Government of INDIA, A.P Viklangulu Co-Operative Corporation, Government of Andhra Pradesh, AALA Group,Oriental Coco Fibers , Alpha foundation of ICFAI group, Sri Krishna Teja Foundation, Mother Theresa Foundation,Sahaya Special School for Mentally Challenged, and other Government and Non-Government institutions to reach out to many marginalized beneficiaries.

ISNI women manufactures extremely good quality eco friendly products made with Handmade Paper, Apparels with Khadi and Jute along with Fashion Jewelery.

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ISNI Trust recent press release(s)

ISNI TRUST at14 Rural Technology Craft Mela 2016 Rural Technology Park National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayatraj

The National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad was organised the 14th Rural Technology and Crafts Mela from November 24 to 28 2016 at NIRD &PR campus, Rajendra Nagar, in Collaboration with International Special Needs Institution Trust and other partners.

Committee-NGO's Enabling Decent Work For Fair Wage

Several organizations serving the Disabled in the city have co-ordinated to celebrate all the three days addressing the need for Inclusion Of The Diabled in the field of Computer Literacy, Awareness Of HIV Aids & Training & Employment For "Decent Work & Fair Wage".

International Special Needs Institution Trust In Collaboration with RTP-NIRD 2nd Training Program ..

FASHION JEWELRY' TRAINING PROGRAM FOR RURAL GIRLS at Rural Technology Park National Institute of Rural Development Rajendranagar Hyderabad INDIA in Collaboration with International Special Needs Institution Trust.

Women Welfare Assiociation National Institute of Rural Development

Rural Technology Park organizaed fet for Women Welfare Association National Institute of Rural Development on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations with International Special Needs Institution Trust and other partners of RTP-NIRD

Saheli Group's 1st Sawan Mela & Exhibition for Women's in Hyderabad

SAHELI GROUP has organized 1st SAAWAN MELA in collaboration with International Special Needs Institution Trust and many other Local and other states organizations at Abids Function Hall. Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh. INDIA.