Di-Mentions Studios launches "Lajja Diaries" a unique initiativefor women empowerment

- The Agency aims to facilitate conversation around issues of feminism and build an emotional infrastructure for women - Young Start-ups are leading the way with innovative CSR programs - Word on the street is the first campaign undertaken by the team of Lajja Diaries 

Lajja DiariesLajja Diaries

Mumbai, Maharashtra, July 28, 2016 /India PRwire/ -- "Shed the Shame and Share because real violence is in your silence" is what Lajja Diaries, an innovative digital platform created by a 360 degree marketing & design agency Di-Mentions Studio, truly believes in. Di-Mentions has announced the launch of 'Lajja Diaries'today -a unique initiative to bring women from across the world to come ahead and share their views and support other women who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse through the digital platform. They are guided by the conviction that listening to and telling stories of women's personal battles, is a small but important step in them being recognized as equals.

The company is working towards realizing a paradigm shift of perspectives by encouraging women to stop pushing women's issues under the rug and instead openly acknowledge them, so that the shame and blame is apportioned to the perpetrator instead of the cultural diktat of questioning the victim. Women who have been victimized can share their stories freely and not be ashamed anymore through this platform. Lajja Diaries is enabling and creating an ecosystem of dialogue, awareness, rehabilitation and support around the subject of women's rights, crimes and conditioning.

The first such project under 'Lajja' is 'Words on the Street' that the company has just rolled out.Word on the Street saw the team of Lajja Diaries take to the streets of Mumbai and ask women in public spaces about instances when they felt that sexism is a real thing that has a tangible effect on their everyday lives. The social experiment/campaign has been received very well amongst Lajja's audience and women from all across India are mailing in their own stories of struggles and even triumphs.

Sharing her vision for Lajja, Anoushka Adya, Founder and Partner, Di-Mentions Studios said, "Being a women-led startup, we strongly advocate women empowerment and we are relentlessly using our expertise in digital to be able to make a difference in whatever way that we can. We are working towards making it an active platform for awareness around feminist issues in India, as well a place where women can anonymously share and find virtual support.

Over time, we have become well versed with handling an issue like women's rights with sensitivity and the importance of setting the right tone and disseminating a fearless message. As a team, we are very driven towards changing a few mindsets and that will be our ultimate validation.

She further added, "We have received an overwhelming response and have garnered immense support from the online community with 24,000 + organic and dedicated followers. Women from across the world have contacted us, willing to share their deeply personal experiences, which is an honor for us. Lajja also owes its success to the support of our partners and the commitment of our team at Di-mentions who volunteer their time and effort towards Lajja and are engaged with the initiative. Our long term plan for Lajja is to help make it a platform to eventually help in rehabilitation and psychological welfare for those women who desperately need it"

The company also aims to start a series called Sexism At Work where they will highlight situations that a working woman encounters in her professional life. This series is a part of a social experiment project called "Mansplaining Sexism" - a project that seeks to start a conversation about notions of inequality concealed in casual statements uttered by men or even women and the terrible conditioning of women that occurs because of that.

The company intends to highlight issues related to sexism - be it at the workplace, at home or in public and will be releasing a new campaign every week.The platform Lajja Diaries publishes content by way of Blogs and curates the best voices on issues of Feminism on their portal and social media pages. An array of issues will be discussed in the future as well, including the scrutiny of the lens they are seen with by the media, governments and of course our own culture and societies.

Lajja Diaries is Di-Mentions' flagship Corporate Social Responsibility Program and an integral part of their philanthropic nature. Conceived on the 2nd Anniversary of the horrific Nirbhaya rape, Lajja Diaries is scaling up their efforts and operations to integrate this digital platform with on ground support as well. The initiative has over 24,000 women following them online and is now in talks with various NGOs to create a stronger network to move from awareness to counsel and support.

Di-Mentions is bringing their culture of pushing digital frontiers with some of the top brands in the country, to Lajja Diaries as well. They are using their expertise of strategy, digital marketing, design and social media to make this passion project of theirs a platform where special Campaigns are undertaken, involving women we relate to.

Notes to Editor

About Lajja Diaries

Lajja Diaries is a platform that has been built with a lot of soul. Born out of a tragedy and national shame, Lajja Diaries was envisaged as we grappled to make sense of the gang rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi and was founded on the 16th December, 2014 in memory of the same. It is a platform for women all across the world to share their stories of abuse or discrimination. In writing those words that describe the undoing of life, as you knew it, you may just inch closer, ever so slowly, towards catharsis. In venting anonymously, you may end up holding hands, even if only virtually, with other survivors who may not be ready to share their trauma yet.

Lajja Diaries aims to start a dialogue around women's issues in and beyond India. It is an active platform publishing both original and curated content around the same.

About Di-Mentions Studios

Founded by Anoushka Adya, Di-Mentions Studio is a unique Digital Marketing Agency creating inspiring work for their Brands and standing tall amongst the online clutter with their effective and edgy strategies and understated but classic designs.

In a span of just a couple of years, they have secured prestigious accounts and shoulder immense responsibility for Clients such as Audi, Rolls Royce, Essel World, Water Kingdom, Amazon India, TATA Docomo, Bigg Boss 8, PoonamMahajan, Muthoot Finance, Puranmal Restaurants to name a few.

By the end of this year, they should be clocking a turnover of around INR 4 Crores, a mighty feat for a bootstrapped Creative Studio just 2 years old. Di-Mentions offers a variety of services including Social media Marketing, Website Designing, Online Advertising, SEO and Analytics, Application Development and Mobile Marketing.

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