Experience the Unique Rhythms of Kannada Rock with Sarvasva - the Latest Songdew Pick

Sarvasva in Sanskrit means "entirety" or "whole" and it holds absolutely true for the Bangalore-based rock band Sarvasva. The band creates rock music with a difference.

Gurgaon, Haryana, October 27, 2014 /India PRwire/ -- Just as boundaries cannot stop the flow of the breeze and water, the stream of music knows no restrictions. It is a pure outcome of creativity - one of God's greatest gifts to the human race. Songdew acknowledges the fact that talent follows no conventional path and can be found in the most unexpected of places and therefore it puts earnest efforts to bring forth musical talents, from each and every corner of India, to the limelight and gives them the respect they deserve. The only condition Songdew puts forward is the originality of music.

Songdew is not just another online music portal; it is much more than that. It is a social networking site for musicians and music lovers. It is a common ground without discriminations or reservations where musicians and bands, from all strata of popularity and fame, can display their ingenuity and creative talent and music connoisseurs from around the world can listen and appreciate their creations.

Songdew goes one step ahead to recognize their creative genius with their fortnight feature of Songdew Pick, in which the editorial team of Songdew selects an artist or band whose music is upheld through the Songdew network all through the fortnight. This time, it has chosen the electrifying Kannada rock band Sarvasva whose mesmerizing tracks will enchant the listeners through this fortnight.

Sarvasva - The Crusader of Kannada Rock in India

Sarvasva in Sanskrit means "entirety" or "whole" and it holds absolutely true for the Bangalore-based rock band Sarvasva. Music is the entirety and existence of this band that has shown the courage to tread a different path and create music that has its entity. The band celebrates the power of women and has a spirited female vocalist in Sangeetha Rajeev; whose captivating voice has won the heart of millions. The band creates rock music with a difference. The tracks reflect a blend of classical, metal, rap and progressive rock styles along with a confluence of various instruments such as keyboard, guitars, flute and the violin.

Formation of Sarvasva

Sarvasva is a Bangalore based band that was founded by the vocalist and songwriter Sangeetha Rajeev, who was originally a playback singer and performer, on January 15, 2011. The band operates with the sole philosophy that music is all and everything to them. The tracks of this band belong to the rock genre, and it aims at globalizing the Kannada language through its music. The tracks are marked by enchanting and mesmerizing rhythm and spirited melody along with powerful Kannada lyrics. The band has Sangeetha Rajeev as the lead vocalist, Sagar Gururaj on keys, Amith Kumar on bass guitars, Himal Giri on lead guitars, Yadhunandan Nagaraj on drums, Sukruth Mallesh on Rhythm Guitars, Arjun on flute, Sarith Sukumaran on violin, and Vasuki Vaibhav & Rahul Devaraja as lyricists along with other musicians.

Achievements of Sarvasva

Sarvasva is India's first Kannada Rock Band with a dynamic female vocalist who is the founder of the band as well. The album "SARVASVA" with the same name that was launched by the band gained immense popularity among music enthusiasts, and it took Kannada rock music to a whole new level. The album was launched by none other than music whiz A R Rahman along with Sivamani Anandan and Sri. Praveen Godkhindi.

Sarvasa has performed in more than 200 events around Indian and United Kingdom. Some of their performances were at Mysore YuvaDasara 2013, Suvarna Channel, International Food Festival, Indian Army, College festivals, corporate events, Mall events, the CDD society for people from 19 different countries. The musical journey of Sarvasva has just begun, and it continues to win the hearts of the masses as it belts out captivating tracks.

Songdew Acknowledges the Power of Sarvasa with Songdew Pick

The powerful and influential Kannada lyrics and enthralling melody of the tracks of Sarvasa allows it to connect with the masses and touch the heart of the youth and Songdew makes sure that such boundless creations reach out to the music lovers all around the world and therefore it has selected Sarvasva as the new Songdew pick, by virtue of which their music will be promoted through the Songdew network and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter all through the fortnight. Fans of Sarvasva can get in touch with the band members and listen to their songs online.

Notes to Editor

Songdew understands the true worth of talent and therefore it gives equal opening to recognized musicians as well as budding talents and the only criteria it sets is the originality of the creation.

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