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Cosmicgate Technology launches Pune operations

Designs unique children's welfare service in monitoring movement of students

Pune, Maharashtra, August 31, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- With an underlying vision "To expand your reach wherever you go" came about an integrated innovationby CFO, Mr. Mayur Singh & CEO, Mr. Girish Prasad.The vision brought about a revelation called 'Cosmicgate Technology Pvt. Ltd.'.Having set out to capture the Western Zone of India, Cosmicgate prides itself in using the sensor smart concept of radio frequency (RF), credentialed as completely harmless by the Government of India.The best way to stay in the know about your child's school life, at all times, thus bridging the gap between The School & Parents, and all of this, at Zero cost to the institution!

Their 3 main cornerstones: To be Safety Driven, Sensor Smart & Power-packed, is directly aligned with their vision to outperform & supersede our own targets, by being the very best for Educational Institutions across India. From slight renovation to total overhaul, this company holds 'the' technological advancements to solve practical snags in communication between educational institutes & parents for the ultimate safety of children.

Cosmicgate use the remarkable RF-ID technology&function on a 4 fold concept, which is ultimately tailor-made in accordance to requirements of our clients: Those are:

Library Management System is in the pipeline and sets out not only to automate, but to simplify the work of a librarian's administrative functions entirely!

The following are the subsequent benefits:

Giving further information on the origin of the concept, Mr. Girish Prasad, COO, Cosmicgate Technology Pvt. Ltd. Said,"Cosmicgate came in being with a vision to build cosmic / universal connections. My focus was to cater to students & their welfare through technological sophistication." quoted Mr. Girish Prasad, COO - further revealing "Our solutions have won us an overwhelming response from not only Schools, but also Colleges and other institutions that necessitate a student population. In just 3 productive months, the prominent Institution of Child Education & Society, BalBharati Public School, Navi Mumbai has shown interest in all our services offered, and our GPS solution, in particular. Not to mention, the Mayor of the PCMC group, Mr. Yogesh Behl, who is currently supporting sustenance of our cause by attending a press conference held by us on August 28th 2010! He has personally recommended that the entire board of the Education Department of the PCMC be present, right from the Chairman to the Head of Governance / Administration."

Giving information about the future plans, Mr. Mayur Singh, CEO, Cosmicgate Technology Pvt. Ltd. said,"We aim to empower education with our sensor technologies for better and safer schooling lives. It brings us great pride in contributing to the student welfare in what we do. As for future prospects, our model is tailor-made to a 4-fold concept, seamlessly conceived and created to suit the requirements of our clients in India. In the near future, the gates to cosmic technology are open to expand your reach globally as well."

With such good response garnered in the initial months of their operations, Cosmicgate is hopeful of tapping the huge market thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of children. Maharashtra is well known for its educational facilities available in the primary and secondary school level. Pune in Maharashtra is a major academic hub of the region. It is often regarded as the "Oxford of the east". Apart from Pune, other cities like Nagpur, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Ahmednagar are also best known for their quality educational system. In Pune there are many private and municipal schools and we are in talks and things look hopeful.

Notes to Editor

About Cosmicgate Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Cosmicgate, with offices in Pune and Mumbai, is an integrated innovation in Technology which specializes in understanding, analysing and inventing technology that is fully fit to expand your reach, beyond boundaries. Backed by a unique student tracking system with radio frequency, their sensor-smart technology is seamlessly conceived and created for complete safety of students across India; to distinctively locate them every time they enter/exit school gate; and tailored to prompt parents instantly about the same with the exact time of arrival/departure through an integrated Mobile SMS, thus bridging a cosmic connection between the school and parents.

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