THE BEER CAFÉ ...A beer lover's path to hopadise!

The Beer Café, debuts with a wide variety of the most refreshing and popular alcoholic beverage worldwide at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, NCR.

Gurgaon, Delhi, March 19, 2012 /India PRwire/ -- The Beer Café, debuts with a wide variety of the most refreshing and popular alcoholic beverage worldwide at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, NCR. The Beer Café is India's first PYOB (Pour Your Own Beer) Chain offering consumers the widest variety of beers that one can get in the country and a unique beer drinking experience where consumers can pour ice cold beer directly from taps. The Beer Café is set to offer the ultimate beer drinking experience to beer lovers in the country.

As you enter The Beer Café you will see India's first "beer wall" where you will be impressed and dazzled by an overwhelming variety of beers. An ice producing "beer well" makes you want to reach out for the first pint of cheer.

From hanging out at beer stations where you can pour-your-own ice cold chilled directly from taps using you own RFID activated Beer card , to chilling out on comfortable lounges with bright cushions along with great beer bites, the experience and brews are bound to delight you.

Try a variety of Belgian beers like Stella Artois, Hoegaarden the original Belgian wheat beer or abbey beers like Leffe Blonde and Chimay the world's best known trappist beer. Experience Erdinger one of the best known German beers, a variety of European beers, Asian lagers, Australia's Victoria Bitter or Mexico's range of Corona Beers. Watch the brew magic work around you.

The Beer Café is the perfect place to meet, mix and discover beer and the intrigue of the brew that was part of the provisions for Noah's Ark!

The Beer Café will be bringing in a plethora of novelties for beer connoisseurs ranging from brands, to flavours and beermasters to even owning your no expiry Own Beer Card valid across India as more thirst-inducing or thirst quenching - whichever way you want to look at it -- Beer Cafes dot the country.

Did you know....

  • After water and tea, beer is the third most popular beverage around the world
  • Beer is the juice of this good earth
  • " If you have a friend pour him a beer, if you really love him teach him to brew" - Old Persian Proverb
  • The word " beer" or " bier" in German had its roots in the Latin verb " bibere" which means to drink
  • Ancient Babylonians made more than a dozen different varieties of beer from various grains and honey in 4000 B.C
  • The Belgians have a nine-step pouring ritual for beer; it is a time-honored tradition that contributes to the country's legendary gold standard of beer service
  • The oldest known written recipe is for beer
  • "He was a wise man who invented beer" - Plato
  • Many actors started out as bartenders: Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Kris Kristofferson and Bill Cosby are a few of these
  • The early church regarded ale as a blessing from God
  • If you collect beer bottles you are a labeorphilist.
  • "Tutankhamen", named after the Egyptian king is one of the most expensive beers. Brewed by a team of archeologists and scientists and based on a 3,250-year-old recipe unearthed during an archaeological dig, the first bottle of Tutankhamen Brew, or Tut's, was priced at approximately $7,500.
  • The word "lager" comes from the German word to " store"
  • " Beer- because one doesn't solve the world's problems over white wine" - Anonymous

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