India Organic Waste Management Programme : A Gold Standard Programme of Activities(PoA)

Iora Ecological Solutions announces the launch of India Organic Waste Management Programme, a nation-wide biogas Programme of Activities (PoA) under Gold Standard certification. The programme aims to disseminate biogas units across the country India replacing conventional 'dirty' fuels with 'clean' biogas thereby contributing towards a healthier planet.The PoA promotes waste management and energy security.

Community Level Biogas Unit with Electricity GenerationCommunity Level Biogas Unit with Electricity Generation

Household Level Modular Biogas UnitHousehold Level Modular Biogas Unit

New Delhi, Delhi, July 12, 2012 /India PRwire/ -- Iora Ecological Solutions, a climate change advisory firm in partnership and BIOTECH, an experienced Biogas project developer actively engaged in implementation, promotion and popularization of bio-waste management, non-conventional energy and energy conservation programs have partnered to develop the India Organic Waste Management Programme (IOWMP), a carbon offset Programme of Activities (PoA).The IOWMP uses the Gold Standard (GS) as the certification standard.

The objective of IOWMP is organic waste management in India through the dissemination of biogas units at domestic, community and institutional level. These units will generate biogas through the anaerobic digestion of waste (wastes from kitchens, markets, toilets etc.). This biogas recovered is utilized for thermal (example: fuel for cooking) and electrical applications (example: powering streetlights) thereby replacing the use of fossil fuel and firewood. It also avoids methane emissions accruing due to unscientific disposal of waste dumped at disposal sites.

According to Swapan Mehra, CEO, Iora Ecological Solutions, "the 'Programme of Activities' (PoA) once registered, will serve as a nationwide umbrella, under which smaller biogas activities, which meet the eligibility criteria mentioned, can subsequently be added, without need for individual registration. This reduces the transaction cost and makes it much more viable for small activities to benefit from carbon revenues. Our commitment to delivering high quality offset and sustainability benefits is reflected in our choosing to develop our PoA under the prestigious Gold Standard, which is an industry benchmark for these."

Through the PoA, IORA aims to achieve the following:

  • Abatement of carbon dioxide emissions through replacement of the use of fossil fuels and forest wood for cooking and/or electricity generation
  • Conservation of the dwindling reserves of fossil fuels and forest-wood through their displacement with biogas.
  • Reduction in local/indoor air pollution caused due to combustion of fossil fuels/firewood.
  • Reduction in water pollution caused by leaching of wastes from dumpsites into the nearby water bodies
  • Reduction in methane emissions that arise due to anaerobic conditions in dumpsites through recovery and utilisation via combustion of biogas generated by the biodigestors.
  • Contribution to reduction in soil erosion and maintenance of ground water table through reduced deforestation.
  • Generation of employment opportunities especially in rural and semi urban areas through increased requirement for trained personnel for maintenance and installation of the units.
  • Improved hygiene conditions, elimination of odour and better waste management.
  • Contribution to savings of families as the BIOTECH biodigestor saves on fuel cost (biogas is generated from organic waste)
  • Easing the drudgery of women in rural areas, who walk long distances to collect firewood by reducing their manual labour and time spent.
  • Promoting the use of bio-fertilizer, in the form of by-product/slurry from the biodigestor thereby displacing harmful chemical fertilizers.

Swapan is confident that the PoA will be an immense help to people across the country especially in rural and semi urban areas. According to him, it is but practical to disseminate these units all over India as the pattern of organic waste generated and the issues related to its management and disposal are similar and equally problematic. Also, the benefits of the installed biogas units will be equally impactful nationwide.

Swapan adds " The users will benefit from lower initial cost of the units owing to carbon financing and they will also be provided with regular maintenance services apart from capacity building in terms of the operational know-how so that they become self sufficient."We hope to reach out to as many users as we can and are keen to negotiate with other players in the biogas industry so that they can be part of our programme to maximize the number of beneficiaries" he adds.

Clearly, IORA has paved the way for better implementation of the renewable energy technologies, in this case, biogas, which hopefully will serve as a headstart for other budding entrepreneurs to carry the baton forward.

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About Iora Ecological Solutions

IORA Ecological Solutions is a climate change mitigation project development group . The group's mission is to enable sustainable development in India by promoting ecosystem conservation and low-carbon technologies through customized financing and distribution models. IORA's current project portfolio includes distributed renewable energy, waste management and REDD+ projects.IORA can be contacted at

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