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MIT School of Distance Education Launches 1-year PG Diploma Course in Project Management

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE), the distance learning campus of MAEER's MIT, Pune, announced the launch of a 1-year Post-graduate Diploma Course in Project Management (PGDPM)

Pune, Maharashtra, November 6, 2017 /India PRwire/ -- MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE), the distance learning campus of MAEER's MIT, Pune, announced the launch of a 1-year Post-graduate Diploma Course in Project Management (PGDPM), an exclusive program designed for young working professionals undertaking project management activities in their organizations. The new course launched by MITSDE aims to equip project management practitioners with an overview of the state-of-the-art project management techniques prevailing in the industry with particular reference to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) maintained and updated by Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading project management institute worldwide for project management professionals.

Admission to the PGDPM course is offered to graduates or diploma holders with three years of work experience in organizations.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the PGDPM course, Mr Sunil Karad, the Director of MIT School of Distance Education said, "We are proud to present the Post-graduate Diploma Course in Project Management. Our course is designed to produce competent PM professionals who can fill the gap created by shortage of educated, professional project management graduates in the country. Graduates from our course will see many doors open for them to play challenging roles in PM in the organizations they join."

PGDPM is a two-semester course covering an exhaustive list of PM techniques. In the first semester students will familiarize themselves with concepts in project management, management information systems, quantitative methods, production planning and control systems and enterprise resource planning subjects. After the conceptual framework in the first semester, in the second semester students will learn the application of these concepts to project planning, project execution, project assessment, project administration and project reports. The second semester is all about using the PM concepts in practical applications.

Mr Makarand Hardas, the Head of Course Design at MITSDE, said, "Students taking our course will be able to grasp the concepts very well through our proprietary distance education techniques comprising effective, focused, interactive and self-explanatory study materials. They will be able to apply these concepts practically in various situations in their organizations. We use case studies to drive home the concepts and practical applications. The USP of our course is to hone the PM skills of students through interaction with PM professionals from Pune's many world class organizations."

The PGDPM course will meet the projected gap in demand and supply for qualified and competent PM professionals from organizations across all manufacturing and service industries. It may be noted that PMI forecast the need for 7,06,682 PM professionals on an average every year for the next 10 years up to 2027. The industries absorbing these PM graduates include manufacturing and construction, information services and publishing, finance and insurance and management and professional services. The PMI also mentioned that on an average PM professionals earn 16% more than untrained PM practitioners. Another significant statistic put out by the PMI is that the actual demand far exceeds the projected demand.

This augurs well for students who pass our course to be readily absorbed by industry and services in and around Pune and the rest of the country. The course curriculum is carefully designed to impart knowledge that is relevant to industries and services not only today but also in the future. The distance education course is the instrument we use to turn out more qualified PM professionals to ensure the gap between demand and supply is filled quickly.

Notes to Editor

MITSDE is the premier distance education provider in the state of Maharashtra. The 1-year PGD course in Project Management is administered via MITSDE's state of the art distance education program. MITSDE provides distance education learning through its 360° Learners Enhancement System comprising techniques delivered online.

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