JMA Pilani Celebrates World Health Day Theme Depression Let's Talk with Shruti Naik Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad

According to the World Health Organization - WHO, India has the highest rate of depression with 36% of the population battling this serious mood disorder. The majority of patients suffering fall in the age bracket of 6 and 25.

JMA Pilani Celebrates World Health Day Theme Depression Let's Talk with Shruti Naik Apollo Hospitals HyderabadJMA Pilani Celebrates World Health Day Theme Depression Let's Talk with Shruti Naik Apollo Hospitals...

Pilani, Rajasthan, April 7, 2017 /India PRwire/ -- Depression is a mental disorder where the person suffers from prolonged period of sadness, which disrupts not just their mood but daily activities as well. Depression could lead to drugs and alcohol abuse and vice versa too. Right from its inception, Smt Jamuna Mishra Academy - JMA which is one among the top ranking schools in Pilani has embarked on a rich tradition of celebrating various days of national and international significance.

World Health Day is observed every year on 7 Apr to mark the anniversary of the founding of the WHO on this very date in 1948 and the theme for 2017 is Depression Let's Talk. On this occasion, Ms Shruti Naik a Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani graduated Mechanical engineer turned Techie in IT Majors Oracle, Capgemini & Infosys turned Psychologist currently working with Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad addressed the students of JMA Pilani in the Lecture Theatre and shared the following.

The teenagers sadly suffer alone as they face a host of pressures, right from questions about who they are and whether they fit in, to the changes that occur during transition from childhood to youth. They rely on parents, teachers and other caregivers including friends to recognize their suffering and give them the help they need.

Teenagers with depression don't necessarily appear sad. The most prominent symptoms may in fact be anger, irritability and rebellion. Teens with depression may have no motivation, feel directionless and even become withdrawn and complain frequently of unexplained headaches, stomach pain, etc. Teens develop feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness over their grades, appearance, social status with peers, family life, unrealistic expectations, lack of a proper support system, relationship problems etc. But whatever is the cause, when their family or friends don't try to improve their mood or sense of isolation, there's a good chance he or she may get depressed.

Symptoms of depression in teenagers can vary in severity, but they can be divided into two categories - namely mood (emotional) and behavioral. Depression is twice as common among Indian women as men, but the number of men seeking treatment for depression is much higher than women. Some ways that can help fight depression include staying connected, pursuing a hobby, healthy food, good music, regular exercise, outdoor activities, good night sleep etc. Habits which need to be curbed include binge eating, fatty foods, taking unwanted stress, internet addiction, daytime sleepiness etc.

Concluding her talk, Shruti expressed her happiness to be connected back to Pilani after a decade and invited the JMA students to remain connected to her for all advices relating to their careers. Principal Mrs Booma Natarajan anchored the proceedings and proposed vote of thanks. The students gave a thunderous applause and assured to remain cheerful in coming times.

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About JMA Pilani

Smt. Jamuna Mishra Academy (JMA) established in the year 2004 which has been making rapid strides in early childhood education is presently one of the most sought after schools at Pilani considered as Oasis in the desert state of Rajasthan well known in India today for one among top in world ranking BITS Pilani University as well as CSIR Laboratory CEERI and globally renowned Birla Science Museum. JMA Pilani is a Co-educational English Medium School with Experienced Teachers, Spacious Classrooms and Modern Amenities designed to impart Quality Education combined with All Round Personality Development and lay the Best Foundation for the Child's Future. JMA which started in 2004 with an enrollment of 60 students for the Nursery, LKG, First Junior and Class I has grown today till Class XII and enrollment of 900. While the school admits both boys and girls, the girl student enrollment has been steadily rising every year and is presently nearly 50% of the total strength. The school has boys NCC, girls band which has been winning laurels every year too. Yoga and Fine arts are not just part of school routine but a way of life for the students.

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