EGE Global Education conducted seminar on foreign education in CORPROVA 2011

EGE Global Education conducted a seminar on "Foreign education in CORPROVA 2011" at Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering. The interactive seminar on Global Education & Career Development focused on scope of Masters Courses in UK, USA, Canada, Continental Europe and elsewhere. The main objective of the seminar was to update the students on the changing global education scenario and guide them in making the right decisions regarding their future.

New Delhi, Delhi, March 29, 2011 /India PRwire/ -- EGE Global Education conducted a seminar on "Foreigneducation in CORPROVA 2011" at Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering. Theinteractive seminar on Global Education & Career Development focused on scope of MastersCourses in UK, USA, Canada, Continental Europe and elsewhere. The main objective of theseminar was to update the students on the changing global education scenario and guide themin making the right decisions regarding their future.

An hour-long interactive seminar was addressed by the speakers from EGE Global Educationteam. Dr Kevin Dillow, Chief Academic Officer of EGE Global Education, who wasawarded his doctorate from Oxford University and has over twenty years of educationalaexperience, was the keynote speaker. Dr Dillow, who heads EGE's UK office, spends asubstantial part of the year in India guiding students on higher education abroad. He wassupported by Arup Baishya who has a BS from Rutgers University (USA) on a FulbrightScholarship and a Master's in Industrial Management jointly awarded by Royal Institute ofTechnology (Sweden), Technical University of Madrid (Spain) and Technical University ofMilan (Italy) on a European Commission's Scholarship. Arup is based in India and looksafter the Europe Study vertical of EGE. The final speaker was Richard Berger, Director ofOperations & Compliances based at EGE's New York Office, who oversees EGE's interestsin North America. Mr. Berger is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School (JD) and EmoryUniversity (BA) who previously worked in the field of business intelligence offering quality-control services for university admissions in the US.

Dr. Dillow began the presentation by emphasizing the good fortune of his audience and ofIndian students in general. With India predicted to lead the world economically by 2050and with Indian students in huge demand, he made clear that the audience was part of alucky generation as they have the potential to lead the world in their chosen professions.He also emphasized the quality of Indian education but said that there were many reasonswhy students should still consider studying overseas especially if they wanted to advanceprofessionally as engineers or in management.

The speakers then looked at the reasons for studying overseas. The greater diversity ofcourses on offer in North America and across Europe was emphasized with many universitiesoffering specialized options within the field of engineering. The excellent facilities availablein many universities outside India also meant that students would find more opportunitiesfor hands-on experience and greater access to published materials than they might at home.The speakers also talked about the different styles of learning that students would experienceand how the mixture of theory, practical experience and industrial exposure would broadenstudents' understanding of their subject and increase their potential employability. Theopportunities to build more confident use of English and other languages were also seen asan important benefit as students would be better equipped to work in organisations and workenvironments that are multi-cultural and involve interaction with people from other countries.

The speakers then explained the opportunities for students in various locations and showedconsiderable understanding both of the needs of their audience and what various countrieshad to offer. Opportunities for engineers in Canada, the UK, USA and Germany were dealtwith in detail while Arup Baishya emphasized that besides UK and Germany, other countriesin Europe also offered exceptional options for Indian students in terms of quality of educationand return on investment.

The speakers also emphasized that BTech students could do Masters in engineering withspecialization in their field of interest. Flexibility of education system and wide choice ofelective subjects, especially in US, would allow them to learn about more than one chosenfield of specialisation. But the students who are keen to move into Management andcould opt for Masters in Operations Management, International Business or an MBA withspecialization in fields like Finance, Marketing or General Management.

About EGE Global Education

EGE Global Education ( is a worldwide network of higher educationconsultants and counselors who maintain an ongoing dialogue with accredited colleges anduniversities in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific, in order to understand theirexpectations and continually changing admissions criteria for international students. EGEis focused on advising and counseling students wishing to continue their higher studies inforeign locations.

It provides students a comprehensive mentoring program that includes detailed studentprofile analysis, mapping of profiles to the best courses and documentation for admission andfinancial aid application. EGE also offers to enrolled students a Global Membership Card,which provides them access to all EGE's offices worldwide. The students can reach out toany of these offices at any time during their study or on graduation for any support that theymay require - such as airport pick-up, accommodation search, transfer to other Universities/Courses, information on part-time jobs, and support during any unexpected emergencies andcareer placement guidance.

Headquartered in New York with corporate office in New Delhi (India), EGE has officesin the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Korea and Switzerland. EGE is expanding itsoperations in India and besides Delhi has opened branches at Mumbai & Hyderabad. It isplanning to expand into other cities very soon.(!/EGEGlobalEducation).

Notes to Editor

About CORPROVA 2011

3rd edition of CORPROVA 2011 was started in the I┬╗year 2006, the biennial business festof Bharti Vidyapeeth's College Of Engineering. It has been started with a vision to createawareness amongst students about business and economic issues. It brings together theconcept of working in unison while facing the pressure of meeting deadlines in today'sboardrooms. With a host of events catering to all the aspects of running and managing asuccessful business.

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