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SPACE launches its Kolkata Operations!

SPACE [Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators] reached yet another milestone on Childrens' Day in the city of Kolkata. We successfully organized The National Space Carnival, thereby kickstarting our Kolkata operations. The celebrations were spread over two days, 14th and 15th November, at the ScienceCity, Kolkata.

New Delhi, Delhi, November 21, 2008 /India PRwire/ -- SPACE [Science PopularisationAssociation of Communicators and Educators] reached yet another milestone onChildrens’ Day in the city ofKolkata. We successfully organized The National Space Carnival,thereby kickstarting our Kolkata operations. The celebrations were spread overtwo days, 14thand 15thNovember, at theScienceCity, Kolkata.

On the 14th, SPACEhad organized a SPACE Art Competition with the theme “Explore the Universe”.And see the universe through the eyes of children we did! Its as if the entiresky was their canvas and their imagination the very tools with which theycreated fantastic lands replete with space elevators, alien settlements,futuristic colonies, faraway galaxies and what not!! More than 100 studentsfrom around 25 schools participated in the event. The paintings were evaluatedbyMr. Partho Bhattacharjee,a renowned artist of Kolkata, who had quite a tough time selecting the winnersfrom amongst such a multitude of talents. Finally, the following were declaredthe winners:

JUNIOR LEVEL [Standard III to V]

1stPrize: Shreyashi Chanda,NationalEnglishSchool.

2ndPrize: Ayush Kabra,AbhinavBhartiHigh School.

3rdPrize: Rahil Jaiswal,HeritageSchool.

Consolation Prize: Sanjana Dey,P.B.AcademicSchool.


1stPrize: Alivia Saha,B.I.G.M.H.School.

2ndPrize: Akriti Gupta, DPS [Megacity].

3rdPrize: Moumita Mondal,B.I.G.M.H.School.

Consolation Prize: TapasyaBhattacharya, B.I.G.M.H.School.


1st Prize: Anirban Majhi,P.B.AcademicSchool.

2ndPrize: Debanjan Saha,DonBoscoSchool.

3rd Prize: Satyajit Gupta, DPS [NewTown]

Consolation Prize: Gourav Bhagra,St. Xaviers Collegiate School.

Special Prize: Tanvi Taparia,AksharSchool.

On 15thNovember, it was time for a SpaceCarnival! The theme of the SPACE fair was “Astronomy and Space Exploration”.The venue was crawling with activity since morning. The idea was to impart theknowledge of scientific principles through various exhibits, games, science modelsetc in a carnival like atmosphere. A host of stalls were set up for thispurpose. Some of the most popular were: Mars Rover Racing wherein theparticipants had to run a rover on a simulated Mars surface; A Comet kitchenwhere literally a comet was created using raw materials found on earth; A stallon Time Machine where visitors with the help of a Sundial learnt how the worldkept time before watches came into existence; another stall where one couldknow their weights on various planets etc. There was a whole gamut of funactivities where participants could win a lot of prizes and certificates. Thevisitors to the fair came from all age groups, backgrounds and professions. TheChief Guest for the occasion,Mr.G. S. Rautela, Director,ScienceCityencouraged the participants to develop a scientific temperand congratulated Mrs. Ritu Sureka, City Head, Kolkata on successfullyorganizing the event and involving so many young minds in popularizing Scienceand Astronomy. Mr.C.B.Devgun, President,S.P.A.C.E. gave away the prizes to the Space Art competition winners. The winnersbecame proud owners of Binoculars and Astronomy Kits. There was also a surprisein store for all the visitors in the form of a Lucky Draw and the bounty to bewon was a pair of Binoculars which went to Jinia Ray who is a teacher atSilverpointSchool. The fair went on till late afternoon and was a roaringsuccess and gave an opportunity to everyone involved right from theparticipants to the organizers to learn a little more about our wonderfulUniverse and marvel at its wonders!!

Notes to Editor

SPACE Group is a group of companies doing pioneer work inrnthe field of astronomy and space science. It has ventured into astronomy and spacernsciences products, services, software and educational material. It is the first companyrnto develop and implement astronomy and space science modules and activities inrnthe schools all over India.rnSpace caters to various market segments including Corporate, Educational Institutes, Universities and Individuals. The philanthropic wing of the grouprnknown as Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educatorsrn(SPACE) is one of the most active agencies popularising astronomy and spacernscience among the masses.

Space activities and hands on experimental procedures findrnmention in text books of various national and international universities. SPACE has developed astronomy centers in all over India whichrnhost the various activities of the organization. Such centers have beenrndeveloped in schools, tourism corporation properties of states of Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh,rnJharkhand, Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra, andrnKarnataka. SPACE is working to tie up with Hotels and resorts all over India tornprovide astronomy activities as the regular activity for the guest.

SPACE has introducedrnAstro-Tourism in the tourism industry of India and the present focus is to developrnAstro-Tourism as a premier business & employment opportunity for thernmasses. The demand for such tourism has surged amongst the masses by therncontinuous efforts of the organization.To know more please visit: www. spacegroupindia.org, www.space-india.org, www.stepl.org

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