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Indian Centre For Consultancy

Laxmi Nagar
Delhi, Delhi
, (M) +919953469294

'Indian Centre for Consultancy' is a growing integrated and a 360 degree marketing communication firm. with the mission of providing clients with elite services like Media, Advertising, Public relations, Print, Website/portal Desging, Events - Design & Execution Corporate/Project Presentation, Market Research, through strategic brand development and precise market analysis. At 'Indian Centre for Consultancy', creative ideas are rooted in strategy. We focus before we create-to discover what your brand means to your customers. This influences our marketing and design recommendations. We believe in building relationships with customers that last a lifetime. And everything we do contribute to that end. We also deliver value to our clients through informed advice on communication issues that may impact their reputation, valuations and future business prospects.

Focus and Create is a good way to define our process. Our Left-brained, strategic thinking and Right-brained, creative thinking work together to create campaigns that appeal to a buyer's logic and emotions. We have helped our clients grow their businesses in a wide range of industries. We are brutally honest and pragmatic in our marketing consultation with clients. All of these creative elements are based on the brand's unique selling proposition - determined during the Focus Phase. The end result is integrated marketing that appeals to customers' hearts and minds.

'Indian Centre for Consultancy' have full of specialists: Like Media Consultant, public relations gurus, brand consultants, illustrators, and web developers, to name a few. Each has his or her own style, process and approach. We work with these folks every day, but we know that it would be logistically unwise to hire them all. In-house we opt for generalists(project managers, marketing experts, and designers). And, when needed, we find the right external specialists. Creative services, by design, are not one-size-fits-all. We believe it's our responsibility to know which resources are available and to recommend the right ones for your project.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising
  • Print
  • Public Relations
  • Events - Design & Execution
  • Websites/Portals
  • Corporate Presentations

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