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ICON Relations

Cochin, Kerala
, (L) +918907285914, (M) +918891817009

To start with, we are a full service public relations firm based in India with our head office in Cochin, Kerala. Established in 2004, we are one of the leading resource points in effective communications to corporates, both domestic and global.

We continuously work to position our clients in the key sections of media through effective strategizing and precise communication as per their requirement. ICON Relations has a team of professionals who are the best in media relations and client servicing. From social marketing to brand building, event management to industry seminars, crisis management, ICON Relations pool of resources would be fully available at your service.

As our valued client, you would get the benefit of a single point, fully serviced communications solution that aligns itself to drive hard business goals for you. We create campaigns designed to give maximum visibility and recall value

MD:-Sivakumar A

Marketing Manager:-Sreejith

Media Manager:-Anil



Ford-Figo (Kerala),


Skoda Automobiles (Kerala),

CBS Corporate Solutions,

CA Academy,


An educational institution approached us with a simple request. How could we help them in their marketing efforts? Being from the educational background, our clients did not have much of an idea about marketing and PR. We worked with them to understand their buisness, their strengths and threats. After weeks of planning, along with our business partners we ran a marketing campaign which included advertisements, below-the level marketing and PR campaigns. Today in their segment, they are a known brand, with total number of students taking admission, is matching their infrastructure. We still run reminder ads and PR campaigns to remind students about the brand.