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Communications 2.0

6E, Elgin Road, C/o Kanishka, Ground Floor, Kolkata-700020
Kolkata, West Bengal
, (L) +91-33-2289 2636, (F) +91-33-2289 2636

Communications 2.0 is a full service firm extending the boundaries of a typical public relations firm. We provide an integrated communication approach to a start up who needs visibility, medium sized Companies striving to build reputation via market leadership at every stage of growth and larger companies who need to constantly nurture and protect their reputation. Every program we develop is customized to achieve specific positioning and business goals. We develop the right message, and get that message out to all of your constituents -- most notably press and analysts, but also customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.

  • Press conference and events
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Network Alliances
  • Employee Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Media Relations
  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Image
  • Brand Consulting & Strategy