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Approach Communications - Fresh PR and Integrated Marketing Communications Ideas

The art of image management, effective public relations and marketing communications has never been more complex. While the information revolution in the recent times has created opportunities for greater communicative interaction among businesses and customers, it has made competition for customers' attention more formidable. Now, companies can act as abridging vehicles of all the information, customers demand, but not without a competent proactive and agile public relations platform.

Approach Communications, India's leading Image Management, Public Relations- PR Agency and Integrated Marketing Communications consultancy functions as the expert strategic interface between you and your target audience. Beyond all- important media relations and other promotional tools, we are an integrated brand and marketing communications unit committed to optimizing the brand and organization potential.

Approach Communications is a group of committed professionals drawn from diverse information-related industries such as Public Relations, Market Research, Marketing Communications & Journalistic backgrounds, providing PR and Marketing Communications services to a wide spectrum of clients be it corporate, entertainment, healthcare, social, education and other sectors.

Over the years, Approach Communications has continued to deliver integrated communications solutions in areas such as Image Management, Public Relations, Media Relations, Product Launches, Marketing Communications, Event Management, Rural Communications and marketing, healthcare pr and communications, Brand Management, Internet and digital �Marketing, Celebrity engagement and management, editorial writing and content creation.

Every client has its unique requirements and goals. At Approach Communications, we use a combination of creative communication tools, talent, expertise and resources in the business to produce and inspiring alchemy of minds and perspectives that incline the market to your advantage and deliver the exceptional results your business has always desired and is completely quintessential for success.

Approach Communications is a full service PR and Integrated Marketing Communications Agency providing total integrated marketing communications services like Public Relations and other communication tools, delivering results oriented programs that support corporate goals. The broad umbrella of services in the Approach Communications portfolio covers integrated communications needs of Corporate, Organizations as well as individuals.

Image Management:

The advent of globalization has made competition toughest in the corporate world and a consumer the king. Moreover, increased brand awareness, thorough media exposure, developed aesthetic and perspectives have instigated him to go with a popular name. In such a scenario, image seems to become effective in beckoning the consumers. Approach Communications helps corporate in building a favorable image in public through various communications channels available to reach out to the target audience.

Media Relations:

Over the years, Approach Communications has established fruitful relationships with journalists all over the country. Through our long experience in media relations, we know what media wants and we plan our media strategies accordingly.. We keep a constant vigil on what is getting covered in which media and inform the key journalists about our clients' various activities. Whether it is press releases, seminars, conferences, online discussions, one-to-one interviews or select media briefings, we deliver them efficiently and effectively.

Corporate Communications:

The entire range of PR activities of a corporation as a whole, rather than activities designed for its individual segments called Corporate Communication. From public relations to advertising, from brand promotions to organizing an event, from image building to perception management, Approach Communications offers a complete package to its clients so as to establish their magic corporate image amongst the right target groups

Product Launches:

Depending on the significance of the product in the market and the presence of competitors if any, a full strategy is planned to launch a product. The product is introduced to the press via Press Conferences, press releases and special news stories and media briefings, product demonstrations at major events and shows. Appointments are set with the press based on well-rehearsed mini presentations. Promotional collateral's and creative designs are distributed at the product launch, which in stimulating interest amongst the press and industry contacts at major trade shows.

Event Management and Promotions:

Event marketing is a powerful and exciting medium in which to communicate with an audience. People remember what they experience and events offer a live extension of an organization's brand personality. We look at the key elements of successful event and promotions management all over India which includes Below the Line Activities, Seminars, Conferences, Road Shows, Brand Launches, Music concerts and youth oriented marketing etc.

Content Creation: "The pen is mightier then the sword." We have always believed in this saying. Creative content is equally important in achieving desired communications goals. That's why Approach Communications creates content which is most suitable and creative for the communication with target audience. So I f you are a profit centre-head, a marketing or product head? A Corporate communications, marketing communications, or PR head, an editorial Head, an ad sales head or a media buying head?. Are you handling the Press Releases, creative articles, feature stories, case studies, white papers, advertising supplements, advertorials, annual reports, customer magazines, news letters, brochures, executive summaries & presentations? Looking for any type of content be it print, electronic or digital. You could benefit from our sharp, highly competitive and creative team to get all of this - proprietary content resulting in quick turnaround time, very cost effectively.

Rural Communications:

As we, all know that the interests of big corporate and companies in recent times have shifted from the urban to rural market because of the huge potential it offers. The rural communications involves specific rural events, wall paintings, community programs, video on wheels, street plays hat, and fairs or advertising in targeted publications or TV Channels. As a Marketing Communications firm, Approach, has got sound expertise in organizing events and arranging promotional activities in rural, semi urban and remote areas of the country according to clients' need. We also do have capabilities of imparting holistic rural communication solutions to our esteemed clients. Eight committed professionals with roots in the soil have taken the corporate to the VILLAGE footsteps.

Press Conferences and Press Release Dissemination;.

We are professionally sound in arranging Press Conferences successfully within a short notice. A national announcement involves targeting the press across North, South, West and East. More than often editions of the same paper do not carry the news filed from another bureau. A national announcement can be made through a press release or a press conference in more than one region.

Editorial Services:

Our team of professional writers and designers can help your company in producing classy communication material. Creation of a series of articles in line with the desired positioning of the company or generating visibility through news releases, we have it in-house.

Online PR and Digital Marketing

Approach Communications has a full fledged vertical Approach Digital for Digital PR and Marketing Services. The young and dynamic Delhi based PR Agency is offering Online and Digital PR, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Conversational Marketing ,Content Writing, Internet marketing, Blog Writing, Banner and Viral Campaigns services.

Crisis Management.:

Our Crisis communications planning helps us in dealing effectively with those unexpected disasters, emergencies or other unusual events that may cause unfavorable publicity for our clients. Integrity and reputation of our clients in such a situation is maintained by communicating quickly and accurately to the media

Strategic Planning:

We take pride in helping our client's define their mission, goals, strategies programs and resources by providing STS (Strategic Planning Services) in the competitive corporate market place, where branding and identify carry the day, We create message and develop programs to help our clients establish a uniquely favorable position.

Public Affairs:

Developing strategies to address issues in the public domain and executing them effectively is the core strength of Approach Communications, one of the leading pr agencies in India. Our Public Affairs cell brings expertise in devising the right messages that are heard and understood by experts, opinion leaders and other key influencers

Political PR:

In a democracy, politics is to get power and stay in power. Political leaders and parties always crave for common person's appreciation and approbation. Their present and future wholly depends upon the consent of voters. Approach Communications as a PR agency offers a complete package to its political clients, according to their needs and requirements, which include regular news publicity, one on one interview, coverage of their activities like events, ceremonies, inaugurations, political camps, campaigns etc. The package can enable political persons in carving a niche in their political region and building up a solid image that corroborates chances of their win. Apart from arranging news publicity, a high-quality Political PR comprises writing of political speeches, slogans successful arrangement of public relation campaigns etc.

Films and Entertainment PR: Approach Communications has a special division for Entertainment and film marketing. We are not only handling the PR work of corporate efficiently but also revolutionizing the PR in the film world. The film industry in India & around the world in past has seen phenomenal growth in film PR. PR plays very significant role in the overall success of the film.

This has given the PR agencies & consultancies in India to redirect their policies & strategies towards the film industry. In recent time film has become one of the most powerful & vivid communication medium for the corporate to highlight their image with the products in the public mind. Thus we see more & more corporate jumping in film production and marketing business. From regular press releases, arranging press conferences and interviews in the media both print and electronic and new medium internet for actors/actress, directors, producers, music directors, singers and much more, we do it all.

Celebrity Management:

Approach Communications is having a specialized division Approach Entertainment for Celebrity Management offering Celebrity Management, Engagement, Image Management and talent management services all over India. The fast growing Celebrity Management agency in India has worked with film, TV, sports, Art, Culture, Political personalities in the past. We thoroughly analyze the company, brand and events to suggest the right Celebrity or talent in budgets.

Maintaining celebrity status is much more challenging job than image is equally important. Apart from managing and building up the image of the celebrities, we offer cutting edge solutions in Celebrity and artist engagement services for Endorsements, events, brands and other purposes.

TV and Film Productions:

Our specialized TV and Film Productions division 'Approach Entertainment' is a. team of seasoned media professionals that have honed their skills in all the spheres of the medium. Feature films, Reality TV shows, Crime shows, Documentaries, Ad films, Corporate films and Promotional films are a few to mention as our prime domains. Most of the members of Approach Entertainment are graduated from leading media institutes of India with a vast experience of program making of different genre.

Besides program making we also excel in concept developing and budget making for TV shows and short films.

Creative Advertising:

We are a team of creative copywriters and visualizers which gives us an edge over others in creative advertising planning and media buying.

In Film Advertising:

Advertising through in film promotions is a well targeted activity for the brand exposure. We track film productions and match our clients with the film script offering better mileage and marketing opportunities for corporate and film world


The most important factor in communications industry are the people. We have a communications team with multidimensional approach in the business. Our team has a combined experience of over 30 man years in integrated marketing communications and PR.

From Media Relations to Brand Management, Crisis Management to Perception Management, Corporate Communications to Event Management, Approach Communications pool of resources is available to you round the clock.

The whole PR and Communications exercise is managed by young and experiences executives who understand marketing strategies and communications. Regular brainstorming sessions are held by the account director with the servicing and media relations executives so that best ideas can be worked out. Every single day, the report goes to the director.


  • General Motors
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • Reliance Fire and Safety
  • Michael Mercantile Ltd
  • Sutlej Motors Ltd.
  • Rathi Group.
  • Micron Precision Tools Ltd
  • Libra Foam


  • Cofrutos Juices- France
  • GC Beverages- Natural Spring Mineral Water
  • JMD Group of Companies- H2GO Club Soda
  • JHV Group: Ikon and Target Beer
  • New FMCG International- Confectionary Division
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council.
  • Lakozy Incorporation Lajeej King
  • US Writopia Incorporated

Healthcare, Pharma and Beauty:

  • Dr. Morepen Ltd
  • Elder Pharma Ltd
  • Phytonics Enterprises- XPL7 Herbal Contraceptive
  • Krishna Pharma- Max Joy Gold
  • Nevada International Cosmetics
  • Arthritis Foundation of India


  • Syntel Corporation

Real Estate:

  • Jaaydaad.com
  • Gaursons India Ltd


  • Institute of Management Education
  • IMT- Institute of Management Technology
  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology.
  • Integrated Management Institute
  • Raipur Institute of Technology
  • Ritee Business Academy
  • Oxford Software Institute
  • Executive Decision Institute
  • National Institute of Financial Accounting
  • Focus Academy
  • Little Pixies Pre Nursery School

Social and NGOs:

  • SOS Children's Villages of India
  • Handicapped Care Foundation.
  • Greentech Foundation
  • Sambodhi.
  • Microfinance Connect.
  • Sahyog Trust
  • Tara Projects.
  • Fair Trade Forum.

Entertainment, Films, Media and Celebrities:

  • Jhankar Television
  • Suhaib Ilyasi- Aaliya Production
  • Dreams Unlimited
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Jurm- Hindi Film
  • Ved Films
  • KR Films

Fashion and Life Style:

  • Arvino Jewellery
  • Ajit Mittal Corporation - Shikhajit.
  • Rhythm Art Gallery

Associations/Business Organizations:

  • All India Brick and Tiles Manufacturers Federation
  • Federation of Automobile Dealers Association
  • Federation of Indian Industry and Economists

Events and Exhibitions:

  • Educare Exhibition- Friends Exhibitions and Promotions
  • Media Expo
  • Real Estate Expo
  • International Business Summit- Foundation of Indian Industry and Economists
  • Bharat Exhibitions
  • Rice Tech: TI Exhibitions


  • Bhartiya Janta Party BJP
  • Rashtriya Samajwadi Party United