Guidelines and Tips for writing and distributing press release via India PRwire

Press Releases (PR) need to clearly meet the following criteria to publish on India PRwire. India PRwire Editorial reserves the sole right to publish or refuse publication of PR to preserve the authenticity and news value of its website content.

News Value

The objective of a Press Release is to give information to the relevant public, media and the world about a news item. Hence a Press Release should have a clear story identifiable in a single sentence that has potential news value for the national and international media.

Remember not everything is news. Stories that you are interested in or what you want to tell are not necessarily 'newsworthy'. Your press release should answer the questions 'Who? What? Where? When? and Why?'. It should also provide relevant information about your organization, product, service or event. In case there is no 'news' to inform about it may be best to postpone the PR till there is more exciting news.

Company Boiler Plate

Please complete the company backgrounder section (Notes to Editor) that will be included with every PR published on India PRwire. This section describes your company with a short history, giving details on products and services offered.

In the event you file a joint press release, include a boiler plate for the second company at the end of your PR.

Story Presentation

The headline and first paragraph of the PR should tell the whole story. The rest of the PR is for providing the details. A good PR must not read like a sales call or advertisement. If it does, you need to rewrite it.

Do include a one paragraph summary or excerpt for distribution points that only pick headlines and summaries. If you fail to include a summary/excerpt paragraph, you may reduce the effectiveness of your press release.

Mixed case - NEVER SUBMIT A PRESS RELEASE IN ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS. You press release will be straight away disapproved by our editorial team.

Avoid HTML - Avoid embed HTML, images, JavaScript or other markup languages in your press release.

Do not include your e-mail address in the body of your release.

Simple Language

A well written PR is your window to the media. Use the active voice while composing your PR. Stick to facts and simple language while writing for the media. Do no use flowery language or embellish the story. If your news sounds unbelievable, it may hurt your credibility. Sift out the facts and present those that set you apart.

Do not use jargon as it limits the audiences you can reach. Keep the language simple and ordinary without hype.

Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Ensure you re-read and edit your PR. Be economic in composing your PR use only the necessary number of words to tell your story. Check for spelling, grammatical and wrong usage of words. Never submit a PR all in upper case, always use mixed case. Mistakes in these may be the cause of PR rejection.

Note: Press releases that have been disapproved for more than 7 days will be automatically deleted.