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Entertainment Industry has been growing steadfastly, and has risen to become an independent industry in itself with various segments gaining popularity. The mantra of the day is to present an event, private or business with seamless efficiency. We, Approach Communications, a pioneer PR and Marketing Communications company, with diverse business interests, are a group of people with a futuristic vision, and possess a penchant for flawless and seamless execution of all events that are associated with us.

The world strives on the 'seeing is believing' concept, and since our inception in 2004, we are counted in as the leading PR and Marketing Communications Group, backed by concrete results, fresh and innovative concepts that are miles ahead of the present times. Last 7 years of business involving giant clients networks have given us the confidence and the vision of being India's top Integrated Marketing Group. By applying the simple technique of using all communication tools effectively together to create a harmony, with their sums being greater than individual parts, and thus giving us the direction of achieving our targets, personal as well as professional.

With diverse interests and verticals in PR, Media, Events, Celebrity Management, Ad Film Productions, Film Productions, Film and Entertainment Marketing, Rural Communications, Business Events Management and Digital Marketing, we have come to be known as a complete and integrated marketing communications solutions company for all your personal and professional requirements.

What makes us special is our approach, we believe in cultivating relationships, not just signing business deals, our strength being our ability to relate to human emotions. We stand out from the crowd and compete with high standards of quality and efficiency, rather than costs. We have the talent, fresh, young innovative minds and the expertise of industry gurus, a perfect blend of these two resulting in some mind blowing, beautiful and result oriented events, entertainment, Films, Audio Visual Productions and communications. Creativity is our forte, but we use it innovatively and sprinkle some skillful management to create the most authentic and stunning public and personal events.

For catering to our huge and diverse clientele, we have come up with a strategic specialized division for Events Management, Celebrity and Talent Management, Entertainment Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Films Productions, Film Marketing, Casting and Entertainment Business Consultancy Approach Entertainment.

Approach Entertainment holding specialized portfolios in the fields of Events Management, Celebrity and Talent Management, Film Productions, Film and Entertainment Marketing and Film PR with a vision and expertise of the best talent in industry.

Celebrity and Talent Management:

Celebrity clients associated with us are assured of their Image and PR Management skills, and they have the confidence of resting in safe hands. From publicity to contracts, we handle it all for you. Your presence in events begets you the attention you rightly deserve and your professional matters are handled diligently, without as much as poking your personal space. When you leave it on to us, be assured that the industry's best people are the ones working for you, and we offer you results, rather than conventional talks.

Talent Management is another forte we excel in, we believe in discovering, grooming, and presenting the best talent that country has to offer. We also extend our services to existing talent divas, and take care of all their professional hassles.

Events Management:

A personal event like a wedding, or a corporate business meet, Approach Entertainment meets all your requirements with utmost dedication and zeal. Your perspective of the event is important to us, and we put on your thinking caps to visualize an event just like you do. We put in some technical advice, a hint or our innovation, and bring to life the dreams you have been living.

Event management is all about creating possibilities, and we have panache for making dreams a reality. We cater to your professional requisites in a manner that suits the industry we are being associated with - our experts go through minutest details so that we remain aligned with our clients. Our approach is not to whither directionless, but we create paths of glory with our clients, relationships that stand pillars to our strong foundations. We strive on basics, jumping to conclusions isn't our cup of tea.

Film Productions:

Films form the backbone of the entertainment industry. With Bollywood boasting of producing some 1000 bilingual odd films every year, the industry has also given way to rising opportunities. The expert panel with us helps our clients invest their funds into films productions. These experts vouch for the commercially most viable projects, and also work towards diversifying your investment portfolio. We are also involved with a host of television productions, and for smaller investors, we chunk out the most lucrative projects. With industry gurus at your beck and call, the profit bells are set ringing!!

Film and Entertainment Marketing:

Entertainment industry has swallowed up with various channels and programmes screaming for viewership attention, hence film and entertainment marketing techniques have taken a front seat today. The business drives on the marketing approach applied, and we are known to set examples by coming up with innovative and inventive ideas for marketing. Strong hands on marketing tools, and a tangible research output, makes us shine brightly amongst the others in the competition.

Film PR :

Public relations management runs in our blood, and our association with Approach Communications has not only given us a deep insight into the complex PR world, but also the industry mantras on our tips. PR is definitely our forte, and we believe, we can do it better than anyone else. We take Film PR as an extended opportunity into the existing portfolio, and the concrete results have matched the interests and the dedication we put in.

On the whole, we present ourselves as the complete one stop shop for all your Celebrity Management, Events, Entertainment and Entertainment Marketing needs. We have the best of talent, and our belief is that we can only create possibilities, nothing else. We bring to you hard core devoted employees who are in love with their work, they work for the sake of their passions, and when passion confronts reality, the results are enthralling. We compete with us alone, we create our own milestones with each assignment, and we challenge our selves to push better. Excellence is not we strive for, it comes naturally to us, perfection cannot be achieved, for the standards have risen beyond it.


Celebrity, Artist, Talent Management

The Concept:

All brands, big or small, want to reach the masses with a message that conveys that the brand is catering to personal interests of the individual consumer, and celebrity association has come a long way since UK's Queen Victoria endorsed Cadbury's Cocoa in the 19th century. Experts in this industry say that the Celebrity, Artist, Talent and Model Management industry comprising of endorsements, public appearances and performances is on its way to become a Rs 1,000 crore business. Approach Entertainment is among the top Celebrity Management Companies in India with its Head office in Mumbai and branch offices in New Delhi and Gurgaon.

No wonder, celebrity management agencies in India are being set up for all popular faces the public associates with. Celebrity Engagement agencies in India are a thought process of the most aspiring business entrepreneurs, however, the success rates depend on the right means and resources to understand as well as fulfill the professional desires of a celebrity. Approach Entertainment, fast growing Bollywood Celebrity Management Company in Mumbai, offers integrated Celebrity Management, Artist Management and Entertainment marketing solutions.

Artists in the field of music, dance, theatre, comedians etc also avail the artist representation services, wherein an artist management agency takes care of all phases concerning the overall career and popularity chart. To engage and spruce fresh talent, and manage the overall platform of conduct is also undertaken by talent management agencies. Models management fraction of these agencies work closely with the industry models by providing the right platform to showcase their talents, as well as engage them for future assignments.

Celebrity Management:

Approach Entertainment takes pride in introducing itself as a major Celebrity, Artist, Talent and Model Management agency. Celebrity Management services in India range from celebrity brand endorsements, celebrity appearances to celebrity public relations and image management .Celebrity events in India are the most glamorous events, and we at Approach Entertainment, the fast growing celebrity management company ensure that our exceptionally valued clients get an adequate room for personal endeavors while our team of highly capable celebrity managers effectively covers all aspects of a celebrity's hectic professional life. We associate our clients with the brands they personally adore, thus making celebrity endorsements an affair defining them. Among all the Celebrity Management Firms in India, we are the most professionally Celebrity Management Agency with a vast network in Bollywood, Television, Sports and other performing artists.

We believe in chalking out extensive groundwork before taking a project with our clients. Celebrity image management is another forte our dedicated team of celebrity management professionals work upon, ensuring that the target audience is sent the right message, the way our clients want them to perceive. On the clients' behalf, we engage our teams in celebrity marketing and advertising, both in India and abroad. Completely dependable celebrity coordination is taken care of by our committed celebrity coordinators.

Bollywood celebrities in India make up for major chunk in the big names, and our creative visionaries ensure that they never run out of innovative ideas to make your name brand that sells, and maintain industry PR with a focus on your image; thus giving a new shape to Bollywood celebrity management. Our teams comprise of the industry's best talent, and your success is what makes us swell in pride.

Artist Management:

Mumbai is the hub of the Celebrity, Artists and Models, and Approach Entertainment has been adjudged amongst the leading celebrity management agency in Mumbai. We also provide artist management services in India and assist our clients not only in sketching an artist career management graph but enhance the investment-returns proportion to a desirable level. Artist publicity services are also catered to keeping in view the target audience. Be a singer, musician, DJ, dancer, mimic artist, we have specifically trained people to take care of all artist PR services, taking into account the image an artist wants to portray to a set audience. We also provide artist coordination services, and with a widely spread network of resources, the best is all that we offer. We are one of the leading Artist management companies in India.

Talent Management

Industry has it that the talent management agencies in India root for attracting new and fresh talents from all walks of life and groom them in order to turn them into celebrities, however, this engagement of making a celebrity out of a nobody involves judging a person's capabilities and schedule a grooming session for the same.

As is obvious, only an expert vision can separate a star from a commoner, and rest assured, we at Approach Entertainment work with industry veterans to adjudge, groom, and present the highly skilled, naturally talented individuals to further set high standards in terms of performances. Approach Entertainment scores over many other talent management companies in India since it takes care of everything, from talent engagement to the compensation and PR, suiting the individual and the industry.

Models Management:

A great platform is also provided to upcoming models, with Approach's strategic model management modules, making it a leading model management company not only with respect to metros like New Delhi and Mumbai, but at the national level. Committed people, with high sense of professionalism and ethics, avail the model engagement services and collaborate with leading model management companies in India to get connected to brands and glittering world of fashion.

A model management agency connects fresh faces and big names all together to a host of public demands. Models attach a sense of glamour to any event, and their public appearance has to be in line with the image they carry, hence, model representation services become imperative for all these famous faces. A model management company advises and connects with brands and fashion vistas of repute, along with maintaining model PR. The experts with Approach Entertainment ensure that all models, new or old, get their fair share of attention, and a suitable platform to showcase their talent.

The Vision:

The right spell of innovative planning, impeccable timing, and envisaging execution with taking onto account the minuets of details makes Approach Entertainment one of the top celebrity management companies in India. An in-depth-knowledgeable line of reliable and highly qualified of expert panels, ensure that a celebrity, an artist, a fresh talent or a model, all are groomed and presented in their best form, and a wide reach of resources ensures that coordination is not a problem for the deserving.

We bring to you the most dedicated people, who watch the industry closely, and understand your priorities and concerns just like you do; making the best out of your professional life. We believe in setting up new milestones with each project we undertake, and though our past has been glorious, we work as a close-knit family to a more glittering future.

A broad spectrum of interlinked agencies, and a dynamic approach to guarantee our clients a profit based return on investment, within the ethical borders, and industry standards of conduct, we are a group of service and result driven people at Approach Entertainment, who are widely recognized as a pioneer in Celebrity, Artist, Talent and Model Management industry.


The Concept:

The world today is media-driven, the more you see, the more you relate to a given product/or an event. The conception is all dependent on the presentation. Needless to say, from big time celebrities and artists, to small time businesses and even weddings are bent on leaving an impressionable mark on the public, an occasion to remember and cherish one's association with it. This is primarily how the event management business has come up to grow manifolds in the last 5 years, all turning concepts to practical experiences, the conceived images into instances.

Events Business in India has taken to new heights and no wonder, event services in India and abroad range from personal affairs like weddings to professional appearances of celebrities and artists; from business events of promotions and production houses to the ad and film world, all want to reach the general public in a flawless, creative, organized way with no space for any detail to be left out.

This desire of conducting an event with impeccable management and perfect execution has lead to a spur in event management companies, not only at national and international levels but event planners are also coming up at small towns and cities. With so much of emphasis on personal interests and preferences, it is imperative for event management agencies to understand and execute the exact sentiments of the hosts, and such a high degree of personal influence can be trusted to event managers , the backbone of the event management business.

Big brands associate themselves with top event management agencies in India, while a lot of small scale events tie up with event production agencies in the metros. International events are catered by top event management companies. Small time event management agencies are cropping up in almost all cities and towns, specially furnishing for the local weddings and small scale events like a local product launch, music concerts, dance programme, or even a film release.

Be it a small town talent hunt, or a national level celebrity appearance, a film promotion or an ad release, a 360'' campaign is all what most clients want. Not only this, but even the business objectives are realized with corporate events management companies making way for the desired product or service directly into the minds of the end consumers. Approach Entertainment, leading Events and Celebrity Management Company in India, offers all integrated solutions in Events Management, Business Events, Celebrity Management, Artist Management, Model Management, Casting and Advertising and Corporate Films Productions.

The corporate management service in India strategically implies engaging the audience to raise business profiles and thus deriving results. Conference organizers are also available which ensure that a business conference runs smoothly and stays professional and the whole project turns out to be a successful event. Nevertheless, this spur of leaving a perpetual inkling on a conscious mind has given rise to international as well as Indian events companies.

Our Events Management Services:

Approach Entertainment has a great name among Indian events companies. We proudly provide event managements of corporate events, personal events, cultural events, leisure events, and NGO events. Our event management services are well accepted among our national as well as international clients who look for quality Event management services. With the boom in the field of Event Management, each day many event planners come up every day, but this field requires experience and hold on market.

If you are giving your event management task to a company which has negligible or less experienced, you will definitely find it hard to find the preparations and out come up to the mark. We not only take care of the event given to us, we make sure to take care of the brand value, marketing and communication strategies of the client. In order to see what our event management services, you should check out our services written in elaboration below. By giving the responsibility of event management to Approach Entertainment our clients can feel free about the facilities and services from level zero to the final day of event. What makes us best in the market is our experience with national as well as international clients.

The world today is media savvy, and no doubt, to leave an impression on the nowadays conscious people, we present to you the most innovative and creative teams to tackle all your professional and personal social obligations. .

Approach Communications has a leading niche amongst the best event management companies in India, and pioneers in lending a specialized and imaginative touch to all your events personal or corporate. The excelsior's in the industry with high-end creativity in alignment with the latest technology, and a hard core competitive team, Approach Communication leads the way for unprecedented success to all your ventures.

Corporate Events:

Business houses require a continuous push to get the profit bells ringing. With competition on rise with each passing day, Approach Communications bring with themselves a host of corporate services like Exhibitions, Dealers Meet, Business Conferences, Product Launches, Brand Activations, BTL Activities, among the casual Page 3 parties and glamour events. We also hold a specialization in catering to the youth with our experts involved in some wonderful school and college events and festivals.

Business Exhibitions:

We believe that exhibitions present the perfect opportunity to create brand and product awareness amongst the masses directly, without involving middlemen, and our strategy is based on this direct mode of interaction with the consumer. Our planning team reviews each product on display, and decides on the best appealing shots to the masses. We pick the venue, in accordance with the line of product on hand, and our creativity is showcased in the way we design and fabricate the entire setting. Visibility is not compromised in our designs, and we take responsibility of fulfilling all your requirements of display panels, exhibition support teams, marketing support, advertising, publicity, and stalls designing and placements, suiting your event. Our teams take care of all approvals for the venue and the stall settings, and we also give special attention to marketing stunts like signages and hoardings at busy areas and places of high walk-ins, to assist us in generating high footfalls. The whole concept, the implementation and the results and reviews are all discussed with our clients one on one basis so that we all remain on the same platform, with lines intersecting, and not going haywire.

Dealer Meets:

Well, if exhibitions are a trusted ground for direct interaction with the consumers, we ought to give our valued dealers a slice of reward and recognition for achieving their targeted sales numbers. Sales do not happen overnight, and it is actually these dealers who promote our products in the competitive markets, and not only are they trusted for their advice, but they are also understood to have a hold on a sect of regular customers that they entertain everyday. Approach Communications understand that dealers are critical for any business venture to be successful, and we take pride in being a lead organizer for Dealer Meets. Right from the budget and the agenda that the corporate have in mind, we improvise some innovative segments in the idea and turn the dealers meet into an event to build brand image, and generate a sense of confidence and pride in the dealers to have been associated with you.

We make the whole event a brand builder, entertaining, and motivational affair that leaves a sense of belonging amongst the thousands of dealers, and though it is not possible for our clients to know each one of them personally, we ensure that such meets leaves the dealers with a sense of personally knowing the brand. All the requirements, from conceptualizing, to planning and implementation, from the print and invitations to travel and boarding arrangements are taken due care of, without compromising on the details and minute particulars.

Business Conferences:

So now that customers and dealers have been handled, can the employees be left far behind? It is for these formally dressed individuals, who work day in and day out to make a brand find a place on the shelves of the stores and shops stretched far and wide the boundaries of the whole country. A motivational, aware team does more than just achieving the monthly placement and sales targets, and depriving such critical people of their due rewards is synonymous with building a grave for your brand.

We, at Approach Entertainment, not only respect highly these geniuses of your business, but also believe in strengthening these pillars to make your brand stand tall and rooted. Our team building and motivational conferences are based on this simple strategy of keeping these hard working employees happy with the organization they are working for.

The staff conferences arranged by us are organized with state of the art acoustics facility, presentations, graphics, messages, an R & R programme, and some team building exercises, if desired by our clients. Seating arrangements, venue, and travel and stay (if required) are all arranged effectively by our trained teams. We also offer business conferences for customers and dealers, to effectively communicate business messages. A smooth, uninterrupted conference, in order to serve our clients with leading sales opportunities, team building, product brief, business communication or other purposes is conducted with extensive research and impromptu situations are handled immediately with effective solutions.

Product Launches:

A product launch is an event of prime importance, and it is imperative to communicate the new features, improvements, or the advancement in a previous product. We present a highly expertise team in conceptualizing such events, with business messages , product information, the marketing and advertising support, a high footfall, and coverage on the print and audio visual media, thus offering our clients a complete package to show case the best. Innovative and creative designs, effective acoustics, graphics, trends, and a sound AV team to handle technical aspects, we have all on board. We also arrange for VIP presence, if the client so demands.

BTL Events and Promotions:

'Seeing is believing', and if you rely on this line just as we do, then we can commit you a great deal of out of the box BTL events and promotions like road shows, van promotions, market surveys, trade shows, merchandising, malls and shop promotions, canopy and counter sales among free samplings. We take care of all undertakings, formalities, and provide you the best sales support staff. We choose local venues that have high footfalls, and ensure sales and brand awareness. Even if it is a survey exercise, we will come up with some innovation to give your company/product an edge.

Brand Activations:

The world today is a clutter of brands shouting for attention from the consumers. Competition has somewhat resulted into over communication, and over communication has cluttered the minds of the consumer. This cluttering of various brands calls for brand activation, which means creating a brand experience focusing on communicating brand values to target customers by selecting one or two features. We specialize in creating the brand impacts, and our marketing geniuses work on the concept that branding is built upon singularity.

Page 3 Events & Page 3 Parties:

Glamour has always charmed us all, with all the glory and sensuousness it is associated with, and though Page 3 events are known more for providing gossip, we at Approach Communications pave way for Page 3 events to being events of creativity flaunting itself from all angles. We arrange the best suiting interiors, music, and create a Page 3 party without leaving any scope for tittle-tattle. We also organize theme based parties for our valued Page 3 clients, and take due care of all aspects from catering to drinks, from interiors to arrangements, and all is done with a hint of glamour and appeal. Page 3 parties thrown by us are known more for their glitz and special effects.

Fashion Shows:

Fashion is a hit with us all; we are all in with the latest. Why, it gives us immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading fashion show organizers, all across the country and abroad and we also provide model coordinating services. We give chances to young and aspiring models, choreographers, and artists, and root for show stoppers. Exotic locations, tantalizing venues and beautiful themes, we have it all for you.

Prior discussions with our clients give us a chance to revisit their ideas with our own, and we work out a path that incorporates both. Be it local fashion show, or national level high end brand awareness, we stipulate it all with our expert teams. We also arrange for the decoration, concept based interiors, acoustics and light management, venues, and coordinate for all other necessary preparations. The glitter and glam quotient is never compromised upon, and we stick to the budgets assigned to us.

Music Concerts:

Music has a greater following than any event, music rules the heart and ,soul of our country. Though it is film music we associate the masses with; yet the country boasts of having a rich and deep musical culture in the form of ghazals, qawwallis, bhajans, fusion, pop, vocal, instrumental, and classical, among various others. Approach Entertainment has underlined a score of artists to gratify the thirst of music for all ages and choices.

We have in store regional artists as well. In discussion with the clients on budgets, and target audiences, we always leave some scope for making the concert a memorable one with a pinch of creativity and fusion here and there. We organize the venue, stage, performers, publicity, decoration, acoustics, projector, and the perfect blend of these entire ingredients make up for a huge successful musical event. We also entertain folk lore with local tastes, and this technique helps in building a direct contact with the local public.

School and College Events and Festivals:

We believe that the generation of today holds the key to our future. For this simple reason, we have tried to build a separate team specializing in school and college events and festivals. Be it a school fete, or a college festival, we work closely with young minds of today to deliver something that appeal to them as well as their patrons.

Imbibing a blend of the restless and the experienced has its own challenges, but our teams know how to deal with such situations effectively. We stick to the budgets, and incorporate new ideas, we get you sponsors, and we closely follow the leaders of tomorrow, and figure out the requirements we need to deliver.

Rural and Semi Urban Town Events:

Most of us have a belief that events are the mainstay of big towns and cities, though the fact remains that most of our population resides in Rural and Semi Urban Towns. These are the villages and small towns with the most capacity to spend and the minds to cater. To promote products or brands in rural and semi urban areas, we have to think out of the glam and glitz fundaa being offered to the big towns and cities.

Approach Entertainment has come up with innovative melas and haats concepts to reach the masses in such areas. We also arrange road and van shows, inline with local language and culture, and effectively communicate business messages across. Be it fairs or festivals, village contact programmes or rural sports events, we showcase a product/brand with placement in such a successful way, that returns will definitely be noticed. We also organize town launches for brands, and hire local people to communicate in local language.

Personal Events:

We understand that a perfect balance between corporate and personal life needs to be achieved to lead a beautiful life. To this, we have a host of events to make your personal moments memorable and cherished not only by you, but all those who become a part of these wonderful moments. We present a host of services to cater to your personal spaces, chief amongst which are listed below:

Wedding Planning:

Weddings boast of feasts, festivity, fervor, and fun. But they also envelope stress and strain for the individuals and families involved. Weddings are elite festivals, and require deep and intricate detailing and with a close view on all aspects. A truly professional team at Approach Entertainment takes care of all shades of this delicate personal affair, leaving no stone unturned to make it a memorable and ecstatic experience both for you and the guests.

Be it a royal or a theme wedding, the venue may be a beach or a high end resort; we serve you with our modern yet ethnic ideas to set the moods for this lifetime memory. We also incorporate your religious beliefs and cultural values while designing a wedding. From travel arrangements to boarding and lodging and food, we take it all on ourselves and set you free to enjoy every bit of your wedding. All ceremonies are carried out as per your desires, and for those inter cultural weddings, we ensure that love overrules all religious barriers.

Parties and Bashes:

Planning your kid's birthday party? Or the much awaited anniversary bash? A Christmas get-together or a New Year smash? Well, we understand busy and hectic lives leave no space for social obligations, and so we present to you the most skilful and talented party organizers for any reason that you feel is worth celebrating. Our teams cater to individual requirements effectively, and unlike most event management companies who seem to have overplayed glamour, we mix it with other vital ingredients to make successful parties seem like a work of immense thought and ideas.

We specialize in all areas social networking, and partying is just one of them. The hosts have a vital say about what and how they want the things to be done, and we never miss those little details that you constantly worry about. From the venue to the food and drinks, the decorations and the return gifts, we do it all for you. Party with us, its bound to get others talking!

Not everything is possible to be communicated in words, and there are no word to describe the honesty, dedication, exuberance, integrity and diligence that our fellow team members bring with them to each event assigned to Approach Communications. We believe in making things happen, and this belief with the commitment to ourselves of setting new milestones countering against the previous ones, only makes you feel that you are associated with nothing less than the best.

Corporate events:

Approach Entertainment has a great expertise when it comes to organize corporate events including exhibitions. Our company provides best corporate event management services include exhibitions, conferences and dealers meet.

When it comes to cost effective and quality event management Approach Entertainment has really very impressive services including:


- Entire designing and fabrication of the desired stall.

- Provide the management of the exhibition with Octonorm Structures of management.

- Stalls with furniture, d├ęcor items, lights and carpets.

- Approach Entertainments take care of the branding & Signage's

- We take care of the requirements of audio as well as video equipments

- Our company also manages the Ushers - Host, Hostesses & Emcees


Approach Entertainment provides complete range of Conference Organization and Conference Planning Services. We help our clients by providing them great services like acoustically sound conference rooms. For those clients who want to organize their conferences in meeting rooms and hotels, we have a long list of hotels where we already have contacts and we can book the desired place for you. Approach Entertainment also provides essential audio as well as visual equipment and microphones.

Our conference organization & planning team give great services including the registration of delegates, collection of payments and collection of fee. From technical support, location of the venue, to badging of the delegates till they leave the conference, it is our job to keep the guests comfort highest priority.

Dealers meet:

Approach Entertainment has a great reputation when it comes to organize events like Dealers meets / Partners meets and other opportunities by which you can build a brand value. With our services you can execute your brand name to a new dimension. We take care of the budget of our clients and make sure to provide the required services within the reach of pocket of our clients. Other corporate events management companies also provide this facility but, our cost effective services are highly commendable because of the quality of work and experience in this felid.

Personal events:

With the boom in Events Business in India, our company experiences a need of companies which can provide best event management programmes, even at the personal level. By keeping the standards up to the mark, Approach Entertainment provides amazing Personal events such as concerts.

On the demand of our client and on their requirements, we organize concerts on the behalf of our clients at the top notch locations. At Approach Entertainment we make sure to provide cost effective as well as luxurious services depending upon the clients' choices. You can also contact us for catering, lighting and decorations. We can help you create an ambience which suits the best to the event.

Cultural events:

Live shoes and stage performances are the most important part of any cultural event when it comes to entertainment. Approach Entertainment organizes stage shows on the behalf of their clients. While organizing Cultural events we make sure to assure comfort and enjoyment of the audience. We have absorbed the essence of cultural event experience with time. We have now mastered in the field of Cultural event hosting.

We have organized a number of stage shows; musical stage shows, Ghazal nights, bhajan programme, comedy shows, and our facilities cater shows for different age group of people. We also organize the stage shows for our corporate and commercial clients if they require services for the promotion of products or themes.

Leisure events:

Approach Entertainment deals with event organization for leisure purposes. We are already organizing and hosting many leisure events including music shows, concerts, dance performances, mimicry shows, comedy shows, sports and other leisure activities for entertainment. Our company plans and provides great services with which your company can make a memorable get- together.

NGO events:

When event planners are many, all you have to make is a good decision by giving the task to some experiences hands and our company has a great name in this field. Approach Entertainment is involved in assortment of a variety of activities which include management of many different events like exhibitions, stage shows, music concerts, FM jingles production, AV production etc. Apart from these above mentioned services, Approach entertainment also provides services like managing the events of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

We have already organized many national as well as international events including seminars, symposium, workshops, events etc. for NGOs. We have A to Z solutions when it comes to provide each and every possible facility at surprisingly better prices. From targeting the audience to venues, menus and catering, Approach Entertainment has solutions at every level.

Approach Entertainment plans and organizes many corporate events, road shows, we trade biz shows for national as well as international clients. At Approach Entertainment, we make sure to work according to the need of the client and the project. Customer satisfaction is something we keep in priority.

Why Us:

Approach Entertainment, is the new name on the block that has diverse interests in Event Management, Celebrity, Artist and Talent Management and PR , Films and Ad films Production, Entertainment Marketing, Film PR, Promotions and Film Marketing, Event Production and other services. Being a sister concern of Approach Communications, the leading Public Relations company, Approach Entertainment has come up to match its steps with the top of the slot event production agencies in India, with a line of experts and confident people as event managers, having a flair for creativity and unblemished strategical competencies.

The core competency remains 'understanding what the host wants', and the result is a combination of fresh, innovative ideas put to use the way the host wants it to be. Being based at New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai, it has found a niche amongst the leading event management companies at the national level. A wide clientele of celebrities, films promotions and artists, has made Approach Entertainment a top of the league event management company in India.

Aiming to provide the much needed public support and image the way the client perceives, by using creative, innovative, and imaginative ideas put to execution with a flawless approach, the event planners and the event organizers work in close proximity with the event managers in order to give a desired event a top of the art professional event still imbibing into the personal preferences in a beautiful yet effective way.

Though there is a crowd of event management companies in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai, yet, Approach Entertainment stands tall in terms of reputation and prestige it gains from being associated with the Approach Communications, a leading PR firm, with top of the notch clientele and varied successful events to its credit.

Encashing on the strong values and up market standards laid down, it simply instills in a client a great sense of confidence from the first step of association till the last. No surprise that it is enlisted not only amongst the leading event management companies in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai, but also it holds a top slot amongst the top event management agencies in India.

What Makes Us Different:

Approach Entertainment owes its success to its event coordinators, who confer profound attention to minute detailing and maintains a high degree of discipline. Event planning services, to event management services, all are provided under one roof, with special prominence to the clients' requirements and keeping in view the public image and the fidelity towards the clients' audience. It gives its clients a vast choice of event organizing techniques and plans suiting a client's budget and in line with the desired results.

A wide network resource, and a state of the art event coordination stretched across national borders, ensures that the client gets exactly what has been visualized. The professionals involved are committed, and work in accordance with the clients' expectations, delivering more than just the results.

A pioneer in the events production agencies in India, Approach Entertainment in its constant endeavor of visualizing the unseen, and realizing the clients' aspirations through its wide resources comprising of talented, creative and disciplined individuals strives its best to satiate all your exclusive and exceptional needs. The right approach, and the right understanding, with panache for desired results, is all that is promised at Approach Entertainment.

Film Productions Page

The Concept:

Films, advertisements, television, music, radio and all modes of audio and video entertainment productions require an in-depth comprehensive understanding, gauging and executing the specific requirements and the particular aspirations as per the demands of the projects; and these services are termed as Production services. Films are a mode of expression, and to make it a successful venture, technical and non-technical professionals work hand in hand to make covering all the major and minor aspects of the project.

These expert professionals are brought together by film production companies in India and abroad. These well equipped film and television production houses have a readily available line production, and hence hold an edge with a complete solution guide at one stop. Complete Film Productions Services in India range from all services from budgetary estimates, to casting, from filming permits to equipments required, and from pre-production assistance to post-production formatting. Accommodation, travelling bookings, and other services also form a part of the services provided by leading film production companies in India and abroad.

Apart from films, television and ad films production houses also offer a privileged set of services as per the prerequisite of a television or an ad film project. TV Commercials, ad film making as well as audio and video production in India has also taken to new heights and spheres with commercial jingles making waves and FM channels blaring with humming lyrics one just can't get away from. Multi-national companies also make use of corporate film production houses to mirror their images through the medium of corporate films.

Our Idea:

Approach Entertainment, understands that from the stage an idea is conceived, to the time till the idea is presented, raw elements have to be given a firm shape and each and every aspect of the project is designated to a team of highly knowledgeable expert, that works on fundamentals.

Film and Television :

Approach Entertainment is a name to reckon with amongst leading film and television production houses in India. We firmly believe film production is a form of art, that uses stars, dialogues, and songs to convey a message, or just provide pure entertainment. Our highly proclaimed teams ensure that the concept or the plain idea of the film is absorbed first, before other aspects are considered.

We also offer contract film production services in India and abroad. Ad films have also come to gain a very immaculate space in our lives. An impressionable few hours, minutes, and even seconds is enough for the public to make way for new priorities and preferences. A sound rapport with national and international bureaucracy and a complete know how of all terms and regulations, gives us an edge over the crowd of film production services companies. Commercial films make up for most of the business, and since the profit returns are huge, we ensure that the publicity is mixed with the right dose of buzz in order to generate an addendum effect.

The Ad World:

Advertisement of a service or a product is also an alluring media to reach the masses and a Radio ad making and ad production companies makes this a striking affair. This requires a host of creative and innovative team work, and though there is a lot of competition, only the innate desire to come up with the best, and self-aspiration to reach new heights in terms of imagination, keeps Approach Entertainment a league ahead of other advertising film makers in India.

Commercials Ads Making Companies vouch for fresh talents in this highly competitive field, and rest assured, we maintain a high credential for thinkers and achievers who love the out of the box concepts. Profound and the right impact on the desired set of audience is our motto, and we present our clients with the most imaginative ad film concepts and authentic jingles to go with the visual ideas. Top advertising film makers in India make up for the team leads with us.

The Business World:

Specialized, novel, and professional ideas and spectrums are also provided to our wide range of corporate clients, for their corporate AVs production in India, making us a pioneer in the Corporate Audio Visual Production field at a national level. Corporate Movie making in India is used to boost a company's profile and hence promote the business. These films form an integral part of a company's website, and portray the values as well as the business a company stands for.

To increase brand awareness and achieve desired numbers in terms of sales, Approach Entertainment also makes use of viral marketing and viral advertising by producing attractive and capturing viral videos, and thus being counted as one amongst the top notch viral video production companies in India. We are a recognised name in this upcoming social network marketing techniques, and we have our Viral Advertising Film Productions companies in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Other Aspects:

Upcoming and established singers collaborate with our agents for music and video productions, making us a leading Music Video Production Company not only in Mumbai but also in India. Music video making in India attracts many budding artists, and provides a platform of talent display across huge audiences. The right combination of audio and video in a composition is advised by our experts, and we have seen many a talented singers turn to stars overnight.

The best of equipments and state of the art modern machines available with us with expert people on the backstage have written many success stories. We offer extensive media coverage, and a deep rooted elite network of resources with the most coveted of people and agencies to provide our highly acclaimed clients just the right dose of hype and euphoria.

Our Vision:

We stand for what we believe in, and we hold immense respect for innovative ideas, imaginative visions, stunning projects, and professional ethics. We understand a client's requirements and points of view just as our own. We stand for complete solutions, right from the conception of a concept, to the final picture on the screen. This urge to keep the momentum going, and self-competition, makes Approach Entertainment a leader in its own way, for we believe we can create a multitude within, without giving a look outside.

Advertising Films / Corporate Films Productions:

Approach Entertainment, with its wide network and resource base, has been making footprints in all areas of marketing communications, be it films, advertising, corporate events, or personal parties. Our professional and disciplined teams have always come up with the most innovative and inventive ideas and the challenge of presenting an idea into reality is what we strive for at Approach.

Strong fundamental base and sound practical basics, leaves no way for excellence to escape us. A diverse portfolio basis the results, have lead us into the most competitive world of advertising and corporate film productions, Being vast subjects in themselves, we would like to explicitly take them up one by one:

Advertising Films:

Advertising is the concept of communicating to a large number of people in one instant. With various brands shouting for attention from all corners, it becomes increasingly confusing for the end customer to choose. But, isn't there something about the advertising films that captures your conscious momentarily and helps you choose one particular brand over numerous others? Well, certainly, there is, that oomph, and the relativity to our daily lives that gets scripted in such a magnificent way that we are left with no option but to register.

However, no advertising film can be truly made impactful without researching on the clients' marketing goals, target audience, and product knowledge. For, one thing that works for someone may not work for someone else. This is where our R&D people get into deep analysis and prepare a project. Strategic thinking, coupled with market knowledge and back to back research, enables our highly qualified professionals turn the tables in favor of our clients.

We aim at converting buying moods of the consumers, and nothing less than an innovative, creative and relative advertising film will help us reach our goals. Success stories for brands are written by consumers, hence the focal point remains the consumer. We believe that though brands may twinkle once or twice owing to star presence, but they sustain only if they relate with the consumers. A great ad-work is a work of pure genius, and relativity to us all is an important aspect.

With strong marketing basics, and sound marketing knowledge, a punch of creativity thrown in with a hint of innovation, we present to you the most inspiring and amazing advertising films.

Corporate Film Productions:

Not long ago, newspapers were the only mode of communication wherein corporates interacted with consumers. Instant indulgence is the word of the day, and in the fast paced world of today where competition is increasing day by day, communication has taken the driving seat for all businesses and corporate houses. Building a brand requires continuous push, and this 'push' can be achieved only by communicating your message, in an informative yet interesting way, and through a common medium understood by all.

That's where the Corporate Film Production comes into picture, basically being a short movie or documentary about your company profile, some history, present interests, achievements, facilities, teams and products. With all these subjects, it is you who has to choose where and what should form the basis of your message. The target audience must be kept in mind, and so should be the expected or desired results. Without these vital elements, a corporate film is reduced to just another boring experience.

Approach Entertainment implies all these basic principles to chalk out an extensive program, which is further trimmed suiting the budgets and stipulated times. To design a corporate film, we ensure that we are thinking on the same lines, and to do so we request our clients to brief us with every aspect of their firms, nothing being unimportant. Our experts make notes on the information provided, and a professional, strategic approach leads us in consensus with you and your company's goals. Basis the requirement, we are well equipped with designing corporate presentations as well, be it for staff, dealers or customers,

Corporate film production is not only about lights, camera and action, but is about about how a corporate house wants to relate to the audiences. With our experienced corporate gurus, we chalk out a suitable script, suggest casting and location, and manage sets and acoustics. Even the minutest of details is captured, and we are well equipped at all times to deal with any technical urgency. We not only articulate concepts, but also ideally make these concepts a reality.

Approach Entertainment, in the true sense of establishing relationships, believes in cultivating human values, and relentlessly focuses on imbibing by the simple facts of marketing communications. We believe in delivering, within assigned budgets and stipulated time frames. When we say 'Yes', direct all our energies into delivering the 'Yes' justifiably. We are a group of people who think ahead of the times, and we believe in solutions, rather than problems.

We are a bunch of young and old enthusiastic production team who like to accomplish what others refuse to think of, and with creativity and innovation flowing in our veins like blood, we only deliver what is unthinkable and unimaginable.

Film Marketing and PR

The Concept:

The entertainment industry in India is worth more than a million dollars, and no wonder, it has emerged as a large market globally, with unprecedented opportunities. Though the business is tricky, as there is no set pattern for a hit formula, yet this trickiness holds in itself a vast range of prospects. The key components of the entertainment industry are films, television, music, radio, and print. These projects involve great investments and subsequently high risks, so it not only becomes critical to have the project marketed and publicized, but the present neck-to-neck competition also makes it all the more imperative.

This whole process of extensive marketing campaigns for such projects is termed as entertainment marketing, be it in India or abroad. Entertainment Marketing agencies in India are flourishing and though all of them commit the much desired innovative marketing strategies, only a handful of them provide the complete 360* campaign to reach the huge masses of audience and set the profit bells ringing.

Films occupy a major stake in the entertainment business in India, and film marketing services in India has assumed its highest glory in the last few decades, with a specialised approach being lent to film publicity in India and abroad. Bollywood boasts of producing about a thousand films an year, and proudly holds itself as the second largest movie industry in the world.

It has come a long way from its first film way back in 1913, and being both a medium and as well as a product, it has also taken to commercialization as other art forms, with film marketing occupying a vital space in the success of the project.

Bollywood film marketing has been adapting newer techniques - be it press releases, trailers, music releases, internet marketing, posters, or other media of broadcast placement. In-Film advertising is another upcoming mode of promotion wherein tie ups are made with big brands by flashing identical messages at target audiences.

In Film branding involves product placements in movies and it has been found to provide brand prominence. Brands tie up with films since they get the stars to endorse at much cheaper rates, subsequently, films get promotional access with the brands advertising. Brand placements in movies can be cited with examples like 'Fashion' and 'Ghajini' wherein, 'Fashion' tied up with Kimaya, and Sunsilk, whereas 'Ghajini' made high waves with Van Huesen.

Why Us:

Approach Entertainment has designed an integrated movie marketing model, thus emerging as a leading Entertainment Marketing Agency in India. The team with us has an understanding that the entertainment media in India is highly complex and fragmented, with bilingual projects, and though such films compete with each other in certain given segments, they also come to enjoy great domination in certain others.

This understanding makes us view each project as a competitor, and a dominant player, and our strategies make use of the best points of both these sides of the project. Innovative and new ideas form the base of our film publicity modules, where we believe that marketing a movie is all about creating an identity in the mind of the audience.

With almost two or three movies hitting the theatres each Friday, we understand that only a distinct approach will register a project in the minds of the audience, and get them to the theatres. We make use on in film promotions, in film advertising, digital marketing in an effective way to make a space in the cluttered market. Our teams believe that the movie stays on in the minds of the audience not in the lines on the 'hero and the heroine leading a happy life ever after', but in the shapes of coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc, and we design upmarket merchandising material based on the film's story line, so that the film occupies a per

Our Team:

Teams are what make up companies into successful ventures. We at Approach Entertainment are more than proud to have a balanced mix of the exuberant and the experienced, the experiment loving and the experts, the inventive and the rooted, all under one roof. We are differently inclined individuals, all of us placing your goals before ours; we have deep faith in our credentials, and we create our own milestones with each assignment that we undertake. We work for the sake of our passion, and passion mixed with hard work delivers unexpected results. With such diverse portfolios, varied individuals, and different visions, one thing remains common to us all, and that is Your Satisfaction.

We have roped in freshers holding professional degrees from the most reputed institutions for the fresh perspective in Events, Celebrity Management and Film Marketing having hands on experience with the industry's working framework and we also have industry veterans who may not hold a professional degree but hold the nerve of the entertainment business. The result of this fiery combination serves our clients with a perfect balance of creativity with innovation relying on strong foundations, making our assignments a work of great minds woven together by Approach's scintillating futuristic vision.

We have divided our groups based on the type of assignments that we handle; we have roped in multi faceted talents holding vast experience in Events Management, Celebrity Management, Film Productions, Entertainment Marketing and PR Skills. For our celebrity and talent management wing, we rely on the most energetic and professionally qualified people.

Films and Bollywood is a complex subject in itself, and none other than industry veterans are more suited to lead an insight into our Films Production and Marketing Teams. Integrated Communications is a work of applying principles coupled with innovative techniques, and no less than professionals in this field will help us. Our teams are selected and rotated, first on the basis of professional qualifications, then on the hands on experience, though we do love to surf the personalities of our individual team members and assign them newer and challenging roles.

Our people come from the best of the institutions, and we do rely on those certificates and degrees just as you do, however, there is one more thing that we play with - that is individual capabilities and interests. We work as as a family of close knit individuals and the challenge before us is to keep the passion alive, the reforms happening, and the fundamentals strong.We scrutinize each assignment in detail, and then work on a panel throwing in a mentor, a manager and associates.

Our teams bask in the glory of the experts that they rely upon, and we bring to you the most creative yet innovative people with strong basis foundation to deliver what others are still dreaming of. We are our biggest competitors, we are the people who create possibilities out of nowhere, we believe in delivering till the last breath, and we back our performances with tangible results, this is the Team at the Approach Entertainment, the new face of the entertainment marketing and management industry.


Over the years, Approach Entertainment has worked with various industry sectors like FMCG, Education, Corporate, Social, Entertainment, Healthcare and Pharma, Real Estate, Food and Beverages, Life Style and Fashion, Government and Individuals. The Events, Celebrity Management and Entertainment Marketing Agency has formed specialized knowledge driven industry verticals for Corporate, Healthcare and Pharma, Education, FMCG, Entertainment sectors to offer expertise based PR and Marketing Communications services. We have created specialized divisions for various industry verticals equipped with teams who have domain knowledge to handle the regular Celebrity Management, Events, BTL and communications affairs.

Our Knowledge based Industry Verticals:

  • Automotives
  • Corporate.
  • Education
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • FMCG
  • Finance and Banking
  • Food
  • Business to Business.
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Films
  • Governments and Associations
  • Information Technology
  • Lifestyle and Fashion.
  • Social and Non-profit Organizations ( NGOs)
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs)
  • New Venture
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Business

An indicative list of clients:


General Motors

Bajaj Auto Ltd


Reliance Fire and Safety

Abu Dhabi Tourism

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd

Michael Mercantile Ltd

Sutlej Motors Ltd.

Rathi Group.


Micron Precision Tools Ltd

Libra Foam


Cofrutos Juices- France

GC Beverages- Natural Spring Mineral Water

JMD Group of Companies- H2GO Club Soda

JHV Group: Ikon and Target Beer

New FMCG International- Confectionary Division

Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council.

Lakozy Incorporation Lajeej King

US Writopia Incorporated

Healthcare, Pharma and Beauty:

Dr. Morepen Ltd

Elder Pharma Ltd

Phytonics Enterprises- XPL7 Herbal Contraceptive

Krishna Pharma- Max Joy Gold

Nevada International Cosmetics

Arthritis Foundation of India


Syntel Corporation

Real Estate:


Gaursons India Ltd


Institute of Management Education

IMT- Institute of Management Technology

JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Integrated Management Institute

Raipur Institute of Technology

Ritee Business Academy

Oxford Software Institute

Executive Decision Institute

National Institute of Financial Accounting

Focus Academy

Little Pixies Pre Nursery School

Social and NGOs:

SOS Children's Villages of India

Handicapped Care Foundation.

Greentech Foundation


Microfinance Connect.

Sahyog Trust

Tara Projects.

Fair Trade Forum.

Entertainment, Films, Media and Celebrities:

Jhankar Television

Impatient Vivek- Search Films

Suhaib Ilyasi- Aaliya Production

Dreams Unlimited

Katrina Kaif

Jurm- Hindi Film

Ved Films

KR Films

Fashion and Life Style:

Arvino Jewellery

Ajit Mittal Corporation - Shikhajit.

Rhythm Art Gallery

Associations/Business Organizations:

Doha Qatar Club

All India Brick and Tiles Manufacturers Federation

Federation of Automobile Dealers Association

Federation of Indian Industry and Economists

World Confederation of Business

Events and Exhibitions:

Educare Exhibition- Friends Exhibitions and Promotions

Media Expo

Real Estate Expo

International Business Summit- Foundation of Indian Industry and Economists

Bharat Exhibitions

Rice Tech: TI Exhibitions


Bhartiya Janta Party BJP

Rashtriya Samajwadi Party United