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India PRwire is India's only FREE Online Press Release Distribution Service to over 6000+ media contacts.

Why use India PRwire?

Get noticed by India and the world.
Corporate houses, institutions, and individuals can now reach out to the media and tell their story to the world.

India PRwire is rapidly becoming the PR industry's chosen news distribution resource. Try it out today.

FREE online listing of Press Releases and Photo Distribution

Publishing Press Releases online on India PRwire is FREE! List your Press Release Today.

  • Create or simply paste a ready Press Release on
  • Add/Modify/Delete your press release through a simple user friendly interface - you can save drafts for publication later
  • Attach photographs, PDF files or Word documents, etc. to support your Press Release
  • Maintain an updated background note and contact list on the company for the media
  • Instant listing under the current days news coverage on our website
  • An additional instant listing on Google News accesses a user base of millions across the world
  • Ready inclusion on other online News websites
  • Each Press Release is Search Engine Optimised to ensure listing on leading Search Engines
  • Mail your Press Release direct from India PRwire to your own contact list
  • Free Listing in India PRwire Business Directory
  • Create drafts of Press Release and edit at your convenience
  • Custom format your Press Release with highlights and links to relevant websites
  • Important - You can schedule your Press Release listing in advance... Choose exact date and time for release to the media
  • Save your Press Release as a PDF file for offline usage or printing
  • Maintain your online archive of Press Releases on
  • Maintain your Press Room on your own website through India PRwire RSS feeds
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Free Distribution to News Engines and News Websites

  • Publishing your Press Release on India PRwire ensures instant listing on Google News
  • Through India PRwire your Press Release gets picked up by other General News websites like
  • Ensure greater visibility on major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Live,etc. through India PRwire.
  • Give your Press Release a longer lease of life... up to six months... and make it more visible to your target audience
  • Get data on the number of times your Press Release is viewed on India PRwire
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Tell your story to 6000+ media contacts that subscribe to PR Flash

  • broadcasts a daily PR Flash every afternoon to over 3,000 media contacts from the press, electronic and online media
  • Reach mainline industry and trade media through the single source of India PRwire
  • India PRwire optimises your Press Release for the Internet to ensure higher visibility and longer shelf life
  • Include photographs, documents, presentations to enhance your story
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Maintain your own Press Room through India PRwire

  • Keep your media room updated for press visits to your website through latest syndication technologies
  • Automatically post your latest press release on your website
  • Maintain an updated background note and contact list on the company for the media
  • Add, edit, or remove Press Releases as per your requirement in your Media Room
  • Hosted Press Room with website customised feel also available at India PRwire
  • Archive Press Releases, photographs, contact information on India PRwire
  • Interact with journalists and get requests for interviews
  • Through RSS feeds simply syndicate the news to your website or other web locations
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24x7 customer support network

  • A responsive and proactive customer support system to handle customer queries.
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India PRwire is rapidly becoming the PR industry's chosen news distribution resource. Try it out today.